Burke Appleseed

We gave Burke an apple to eat and we thought it was pretty cute. We video’d some and thought to share! Bon appetit!

A Giant Sandbox

On our way to Texas we stopped at the White Sands National Monument to have some fun on the dunes. It’s crazy how white they are and it’s a good thing we all remembered our sunglasses!

Doctor’s Office Giggles

Time for Burke’s monthly checkup at the doctor’s office. Who knew we’d stumble upon such a simple trick to get him laughing more than he ever has. Something tells me there are lots more tricks coming in the future.

Grandparent’s Day

It’s Grandparent’s Day 2011! Burke gets all dressed up in his birthday suit to send a special message to his four favorite grandparents! Lots of love from all of us here in Santa Barbara!

Raccoon Riff-Raff

With a lot of hissing and meowing, our “guard” cat Molly let us know that the neighborhood troublemakers had made a trip into our backyard. It’s tough to tell who’s more interested in whom.

Slippery Fish

We’re so fortunate to have Burke grow up with Hadley next door as a “big sister”… and she sure does love him a bunch. She’s always ready to dish out some love for Burke and teach us a new song as well.

Tasty Toes

Burke is starting to get his feet up towards his hands… and with a little bit of help… his mouth. Pretty soon he’s gonna be rolling all over the place… but for now he’s content with just sucking on whatever he can get to his mouth.

First Giggles

We’ve had lots and lots of smiles lately and even a few laughter squeals mixed in… but this was the first time we were able to get laughter on demand! You can tell that we were both a little excited about it!

Still Waiting

Just a few snippets of our midwives visiting us in our house as Annemarie’s due date gets closer. And then a quick clip that shows just a little bit of the constant movement that Annemarie has going on in her belly all day long.


Back for a 26 week ultra-sound to make sure everything is clear for a natural birth. Pretty cool little moment to see his tongue moving around and get a great close up of his face! Looks like he’s around the 80th percentile in size… around 2 lbs. 11 oz.

It’s A Boy!

We spend our first Christmas together as a married couple in Texas. We were also able to hold off on finding out the sex of our first child until Christmas day… so that we could share it together with the whole family. Here are the reactions and the ultrasound… we are having a boy!