Watch Burke Grow

We’re taking a picture of Burke every Sunday as he passes into another week of life. Watch as he grows…way too quickly!


A month and a half before Burke was born we had the chance to get out and get some maternity shots taken. What a fun time of life and we are so happy that we got a chance to capture it. As wonderful as it was… we’re glad that Burke is here now!


An amazing time on Guana Island! The only privately owned island in the British Virgin Islands… where the staff outnumber the guests. Lots of down time to relax, enjoy the beaches, and each other. We would highly recommend this place!


We were married on seven.ten.ten and it was the most wonderful day. Here are the images that tell the story of our day!


A few months before our wedding and we had a little photo shoot with our wedding photographer. It was cold and windy that day in Santa Barbara, but she caught some great moments of the two of us. The carnival was in town that weekend and it made for a great setting… check ’em out.