Homeschooling Q1 2017 Journal

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Homeschooling Q12017 August 21 to October 13, 2017 We’ve been homeschooling now for 8 weeks, and I wanted to make a post here to remember and document what we’ve done and how it is going. Well, it’s honestly gone so much better than I thought it might. Yes, all 6 of us are at the […]

Dear Felicity,

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Dear Felicity, You are 3 months old and I’m already falling behind on these letters to you. You’ve aged so quickly that I just can’t keep up. You’re officially 15 weeks old today, or 3 Months and 13 days….let’s just say 3 and a half months. It’s not that I haven’t taken a bajillion pictures […]

The FOUR of them

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I remember taking this picture with just the boys…..and then with the 3 of them when Mal came along….and today it was time to see if I could get all FOUR of them in the frame. 🙂 These four beauties are my children.  I am so blessed! Burke got this picture and I love it! […]

First Day of Homeschooling :: First Grade & Preschool

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We made the decision to bring our kids home and school them before the end of Kindergarten (for Burke).  We had LOVED our school experiences thus far with preschool and Kindergarten too.  However, when it came down to figuring out our long term plan, knowing that we had one more on the way to bring […]

3rd Annual Summer Camping Trip

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We had a blast with this amazing group of people camping for the 3rd year in a row.  I made a fun video of our weekend!

Firestone Summer Concert with TayTay, Karis & Mr. Jeff

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Taylor, Jeff and Karis came to visit us in SB.  We hit up the beach on Friday morning and then traveled out to Solvang for the Firestone Summer Concert that night.  We packed some snacks and dinner for the kids, while the adults enjoyed the delicious trip-tip sandwiches served onsite. Most loved little sister ever. […]

Dear Felicity

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Dear Felicity, Oh my sweet girl, you are ONE month old!  What an amazing month it has been with you being part of our family.  We are the Bollman SIX now and we are so glad that YOU are the final one to join us. You are so chill and I think that bodes well […]

Felicity’s Birth Story

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It’s hard to know where to begin with a birth story when there is so much to want to capture for memory’s sake. I didn’t really get to document or write anything during this pregnancy so maybe I’ll just start with that. We found out we were pregnant back in October. I was a few […]

Introducing Felicity Louise Bollman

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We are so excited to announce that our little girl, Felicity Louise Bollman, is here! More on Felicity’s incredible birth story to come, but she joined us on Wednesday  morning, June 28, 2017, while her brothers and sister were watching a show in their room, right down the hall. We are so in love with […]

Expecting Bollman Baby #4

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Our second little girl is expected to join our family in 2 weeks, so it was about time to document this last and final baby bump with our family as it is right now. I have always loved having this season in images for us to look back on, and was so thankful that a […]