In the air again…

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We woke the little guy up at 3am for our 4am departure from my parents’ house this morning, and kept him awake in the car for the drive to the airport.  He did great through the security line, only making a small peep for just a second, and all through the time before we finally […]

Quick Round Trip to Austin

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When we knew we’d be making a trip to TX, I hoped that we’d be able to make some time to get to Austin to visit with some of our friends there too. Well, it was a quick one…just a tad longer than a 24 hour round trip….but it was worth it. We left Katy […]

Pool and Patchwork

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It was a sunny TX day, so in the late afternoon, I thought it might be nice to try again with Burke and the pool. At first, with just his little hands in the water splashing around, he was fine. Then Daddy tried to submerse him in the water starting with his toes……and well, that […]

Wrapping up the weekend in TX

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We woke up and loved a home cooked pancake and bacon breakfast cooked by (my) Daddy. After Burke’s nap, we boogied over to be able to say goodbye to Gavin, Terry and Colin.  We caught them just in time! Burke discovered the drumset inside and the cousins rocked out together. What better to do on […]

A TX Saturday filled with lots of Family Love!

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We had a super filled Saturday that started out at Shipley’s Donuts.  It was on the way to the soccer field, so I had to stop in and get some sausage and cheese kolaches as well as one powdered bavarian cream donut.  Oh, it made me a happy girl! After the soccer game, Burke took […]

A Fun Friday in TX

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Well, we got a decent night’s sleep….well, from 1am to 9am.  Lucky for Mommy and Daddy, Burke let us sleep in a bit which was super nice!  My Mom, Burke and I went to visit with Auntie Taylor for lunch at school.  This is Burke’s 3rd visit to her school and he always has such […]

Burke gets his wings!

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What a busy Thursday!! We went to the last meeting of The Gathering this morning. Sniff sniff. I have been so blessed by the Patriarch Beth Moore study and the women in my small group. It’s been such a pleasure getting to know and share life with these women. Our Thursday mornings are going to […]

Burke and Urgent Care

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Burke started to not feel so great the day after we pulled into the Houston area. I think he might be allergic to something there, maybe ragweed or pollen…not really sure. He had a little bit of a cough and congestion the last time we were there too, so we didn’t really think too much […]

The rest of the TX family visit

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On Thursday morning we got up and joined my Mom and her dear friends, Carolyn and Beth, on their morning walk. Besides Burke’s grandmas, Carolyn is Burke’s biggest fan. She was so excited to see Burke and get a chance to share the morning walk with him.  Burke and I only made it for the […]

Visiting with TX Aunties & Cousins

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We woke up this morning in Katy and were off to visit with Burke’s aunts. Brett stayed at the house and worked but Mom, Burke and I went to meet Taylor at school for lunch. Afterwards, we dropped in on Erika too.  Burke had a great time sitting in Aedin’s American Doll bed that she […]