Home again, home again…

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Today we headed home. After 4 weeks on the road, I think we were all ready. As I got to packing for the last time this morning, I realized that all of our suitcases had more to pack in than what we originally started with…especially Burke’s! I had to sit on this one to get […]

Dinner for 18

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Yeah, it’s Friday!! We woke up this morning and got to practicing our rolling in the living room. Taysha came to watch. Burke is pretty proud of himself, and he really likes his new teething toy too! Aunt Autie came over to drop some things off and got to hang out with Burke for a […]

Tourist in Las Vegas

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Today we had a very tourist-y day in Vegas….getting out to visit some of the sights around town. Not the ones you normally associate with “THE” Las Vegas, but more like the local sights that you’d visit in any suburb town. First stop was Dickey’s BBQ. Now I am pretty sure that we used to […]

We are Family…

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We had a nice picnic in the park today with everyone…me, Burke, Brett, Brit, Kiley, Ma, Pa, Loralyn and Autie. Our sandwiches, chips, cookies, drinks were all super tasty, and the weather wasn’t that bad either. The OBall seemed to be a favorite of all the kiddos on the blankets. 🙂 There was a playground […]

Oh, Zion!!

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Oooh, I was excited to get on the road today…but before we left, we had to get everything ready, and it’s harder to leave Burke in places where we know he’ll be when we turn our heads. So, we built him a little fort. He had a great time….he especially does whenever he has his […]

Fitting It All In

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This was one of the things that we (well, my Mom) finished up last night – one of the quilts for Taylor’s teacher friends.  I am just in love with the fabric on the back of this one….I love the animals, the colors, and the red binding.  It’s all so great.  I also love the […]

Burke the Charmer

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My Mom had planned to have a few friends over to meet Burke today, so I made sure that he was all nice and clean for the guests.  I guess I should have laid Burke down on a blue towel, but I wasn’t thinking. He does look so cute…..even on a pink towel. Burke has […]

Queen Theatre’s Treasure Island

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After the game this afternoon, we went back to pick up Auntie TayTay and headed back to Mom and Dad’s house.  We had a quick visit from Pam, which was such a delight to see her again. I got Burke all setup to take his 5 month pictures, and Taylor was there for the fun. […]

The Day of THREE posts…Machine Pitch Baseball

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Today we did a lot of things…so I’m breaking this post into 3 separate ones. Oh, don’t be too weary….they are mostly pictures, so those of you that enjoy the photos (and not necessarily my words), you’re in for a treat! 🙂 We woke up today, and remembered that Erika mentioned Olsin having a baseball […]

Friday Funday with Auntie TayTay

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Yay, it’s Friday, and that means we’ve made it to the day that Taylor planned for us! We first grabbed some delicious sandwiches from Firehouse Subs and made our way to her school to meet her for lunch. Even though I know Taylor’s been a teacher, and a great one, for many years, it’s still […]