Dear Burke,

Posted in: Burke- Aug 01, 2012 2 Comments

Dear Burke, 15 months. That sounds so big….and well, you are getting to be a big boy. You’re not that much bigger per say, but you seem to be getting older and growing up and acting like a little big boy these days. You have so many fun new “tricks” this month. One thing that […]

Cookies for Curls

Posted in: Burke, Us- Jul 19, 2012 6 Comments

Well, it was time….and we did it. We’d been talking about it for a few days, and tonight after dinner, we got the Burkester all prepped for his big first haircut. Instead of going somewhere to have it done, Burke visited Mom & Pop Barber Shop, right in his own back yard. We enticed him […]

Cereal, spoon, and the leftover milk

Posted in: Burke- Jul 06, 2012 2 Comments

Burke loves to try whatever I’m having for breakfast, so he got himself a taste of cereal a few weeks back. Just a spoonful here and there, but then one morning, I gave him his own bowl, and he loved it. At first, he just used his hands, with just enough milk in there to […]

Dear Burke,

Posted in: Burke- Jul 01, 2012 3 Comments

Dear Burke, 14 months old. Such a big boy. That you are indeed, too. You astonish me and Daddy almost daily on all the new things you pick up, do and show us that you can do. You have really picked up on the sign language, which is super helpful as it’s aided in limiting […]

How did you spend YOUR Saturday?

Posted in: Annemarie, Brett, Burke- Jun 23, 2012 3 Comments

When I mentioned it to Brett last night, I wasn’t sure if it was the first time I’d said anything about it, so I was a little nervous in even doing so. Today was a Sew Day hosted by the Santa Barbara Modern Quilt Guild and I really wanted to go. I wasn’t sure how […]

52 weeks in the making

Posted in: Burke- Jun 06, 2012 6 Comments

It took 52 weeks to get all of these pictures. I was (mostly) diligent about getting Burke in his white onesie every Sunday (there were 2 that weren’t taken on Sunday….don’t tell!) and finding something to put him on for the shot. I used blankets, sheets, towels, afghans, comforters, quilts, and fabric for the backgrounds. […]

Sleepy Time

Posted in: Burke- Jun 03, 2012 2 Comments

Burke and The Sandman usually don’t get along too well! Burke puts up quite the fight when it comes to falling asleep at night. Annemarie has only half a head of hair left to prove it. I guess maybe it’s because we know he’s ready for sleep before he does. Today he pulled a first. […]

Dear Burke,

Posted in: Burke- Jun 01, 2012 3 Comments

Dear Burke, 13 months behind us…although this one seemed to last longer than the others.  All the more time to enjoy spending with you, my dear! You are even more all over the place than you were last month, of course.  You walk so fast that you’re starting to run, but you love it.  You […]

Loving the Rewards!

Posted in: Annemarie, Burke- May 31, 2012 1 Comment

I have a never ending list of To-Dos that keeps getting longer. So, after Burke goes to bed, I get started on that list, and usually am not in bed myself until about 2am. Well, the last two nights, I’ve spent more time that I want to admit on You see, I started collecting […]

Corn Fed

Posted in: Burke- May 27, 2012 5 Comments

Burke is at an age now where it seems like every day he’s doing something new. Annemarie and I consistently find ourselves trying to get each other’s attention without making Burke stop whatever cute thing he’s doing. Common phrases include… “Look at your son right now.” “Did you just see him…” “Quick get the camera!” […]