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Well, we made it to 40 weeks….but I think that BBB is going to stay put for a little bit longer. There are definitely no signs that he’s on his way out at this point. One of the midwives checked me last week on Thursday, and there really wasn’t anything to report from that visit, […]

Our Shiny New Toy

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So, if you weren’t already sure about it… yes… we are having a baby boy sometime very soon. And to make sure that we can closely document every moment of our child’s life and create our own rendition of The Truman Show, we had to have a nifty HD camera. This will also make sure […]

Still Baking at 39 weeks and 2 days…

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Today, I started out the morning with the Goleta MOPS group at Santa Barbara Community Church. It was great to see some of the Moms again, and I’m definitely looking forward to joining this group in the fall when they start up again. Today our pediatrician, Dr. Iris, was the guest speaker, and it was […]

Not “done” yet…but we’re ready!

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Yesterday started my office Maternity Leave from work. My last day was Friday, and it was also a bittersweet one. I decided to take off one week earlier than I’d originally planned…..for a few reasons…..but it was time. I have absolutely loved being a part of the company that I’ve worked for in SB for […]

Baby appointments, tests & yucky tasting herbs

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This week has been one with lots of appointments. On Monday, we had a home visit with Laurel, and got to do all the normal things that we usually do on our prenatal visits, but this one was fun for more than just me and Brett. Since Betty, Autumn and Loralyn were still here from […]

BBB Showered with more LOVE in SB

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Some of my dear friends hosted a wonderful baby shower for BBB in SB today.  Danielle, Caitlin, Christi and Camille know me so well and planned the most perfect party.  It was filled with great girls, good food, and just lots of hanging out time. So, now everyone by now knows that I have taken […]

Belly Bump Shoot with Mary Jane

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Our dear friend, Janey, of Mary Jane Photography, spent some of the golden hour with me and Brett on Sunday afternoon. When she asked me what kind of location I thought that we’d want to take some maternity photos, I told her that if it wasn’t too much pressure on her, I’d be up for […]

We “B” getting more ready every day…

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More Updates….I’m sure those of you who are used to seeing much more exciting, and less baby related stuff, are getting a little tired of the BBB updates, but since I don’t journal, this is my way of documenting the story as it unfolds. Maybe check back in, oh, um…yeah, probably never. Our lives are […]

Owl give ya an update….

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It seems like all I update these days is about BBB….probably because there isn’t too much else going on. As I’m further along in the pregnancy now, I can’t really go anywhere. I can’t fly anywhere, and I can’t really leave town just incase something were to happen. So, I’m staying put in SB. We’ve […]

Baby Steps in Setting up the Nursery

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So, we moved. I hadn’t mentioned that yet on this blog, but we moved. Just a few weeks ago, on a Tuesday afternoon, we noticed a FOR RENT sign in the front yard two duplexes down from ours. When I looked it up online, it said it was all recently updated…new floors, carpet, counters, windows, […]