Baby Quilt for Baby Girl Adler

Posted in: Annemarie- Sep 13, 2012 5 Comments

It felt like it’d been a while since I had made a quilt….especially since I went to the September SBMQG meeting without anything to show and tell.  In actuality, it really hasn’t been that long, and Erika’s baby girl isn’t even due until November, so I had plenty of time to make this one…but I […]

A Quilt for Anderson

Posted in: Annemarie- Jul 16, 2012 2 Comments

Back when LB was pregnant with Anderson, I searched for just the right fabric for a quilt for him.  I was looking for something with vintage airplanes, and the right choice never came to me.  I then got busy with other quilts, life, etc, and I never got around to making a quilt for this […]

How did you spend YOUR Saturday?

Posted in: Annemarie, Brett, Burke- Jun 23, 2012 3 Comments

When I mentioned it to Brett last night, I wasn’t sure if it was the first time I’d said anything about it, so I was a little nervous in even doing so. Today was a Sew Day hosted by the Santa Barbara Modern Quilt Guild and I really wanted to go. I wasn’t sure how […]

Loving the Rewards!

Posted in: Annemarie, Burke- May 31, 2012 1 Comment

I have a never ending list of To-Dos that keeps getting longer. So, after Burke goes to bed, I get started on that list, and usually am not in bed myself until about 2am. Well, the last two nights, I’ve spent more time that I want to admit on You see, I started collecting […]

Bridal Tea Party for Juliann!

Posted in: Annemarie- May 20, 2012 6 Comments

Today, a few of us homegroup girls – Caitlin, Jenny and Leanna and I – showered Juliann in honor of her upcoming nuptials to Mike.  We all were there when they first started dating, and saw their relationship blossom, and now we are so excited that they are getting married!! What a team we made. […]

Mother’s Day 2012

Posted in: Annemarie, Burke- May 13, 2012 2 Comments

What a special treat it is to be this little man’s Mommy.  Last year on Mother’s Day he was just a week old.  Now he’s such a big boy!  We tried to get a photo….and well, these is about the best we could do with a little boy that doesn’t want to sit still, and […]

Dear Brett,

Posted in: Annemarie, Brett- Apr 30, 2012 1 Comment

Dear Brett, You’re 33 today. The last year has gone by so fast. Last year for your birthday we were busy trying to get our baby out so he’d share the day with you. Too bad the little guy had his own plan. In the end, I’m glad that you still have your own day. […]

Quick Round Trip to Austin

Posted in: Annemarie, Burke, Travel- Apr 24, 2012 3 Comments

When we knew we’d be making a trip to TX, I hoped that we’d be able to make some time to get to Austin to visit with some of our friends there too. Well, it was a quick one…just a tad longer than a 24 hour round trip….but it was worth it. We left Katy […]

A Fun Friday in TX

Posted in: Annemarie, Family, Travel- Apr 20, 2012 Comments Off on A Fun Friday in TX

Well, we got a decent night’s sleep….well, from 1am to 9am.  Lucky for Mommy and Daddy, Burke let us sleep in a bit which was super nice!  My Mom, Burke and I went to visit with Auntie Taylor for lunch at school.  This is Burke’s 3rd visit to her school and he always has such […]

Ah, these are the {Toddler} Times…

Posted in: Annemarie, Burke- Apr 10, 2012 3 Comments

Burke has graduated once again at SB Community College. Since he’s now walking, we have moved from Infant Times II to Toddler Times I. This one meets on Tuesdays from 930 to 1145am – perfect timing for Burke’s new naptime routine. We were the first ones to arrive so Burke had first dibs at all […]