#bollmanpartyof5 by Annemarie

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We are expecting! Yes, it’s true. Bollman… PARTY OF FIVE ….is happening. We are already 17 weeks and a few days along, so here is a recap of the last few months: WE FIND OUT On the first day that I should have been able to know if I was pregnant or not, I went ahead […]

Fun at Blessington Farms by Annemarie

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On our way to Katy, I emailed a friend who lives there and has two boys to see what some of their favorite places were to go, and one of her recommendations was Blessington Farms.   What a perfect spot for our gang.  We headed out there on Saturday morning with Nana. We walked up […]

Dear Blake, by Annemarie

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Dear Blake, You are 16 months now and guess what?  You’re going to be a BIG BROTHER!?!?  Can you believe it?  You’ve had a big brother your whole life, and now you’re going to be taking on the same, very important, role.  In what will seem like just a few short months, your whole world […]

Mother’s Day 2014 by Annemarie

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I am such a lucky and blessed mamma to be the one who gets to be theirs.  I love these boys so much!! My Bollman Boys make me smile. I can’t believe that this is my fourth Mother’s Day celebration.  It’s always fun to look back at previous years with my boys. For anyone that noticed…..Brett […]

SBMQG Donation Quilts for Fostering Friends by Annemarie

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Well, I did what I thought would be impossible.  I made a big quilt, at least it was a big quilt for me…and well, I actually didn’t really make it at all.  :) Our SBMQG supports a local group, Fostering Friends, by donating quilts each year for them to give to the graduating seniors in the […]

Dear Blake, by Annemarie

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Dear Blake, At 15 months, you are so much fun!  We are so happy that you’re our little guy.  You’ve picked up a few new things in your last month of life.  You’re helpful in little ways…like how you put our your hands to put them through your shirts when getting dressed; when you’re finished sleeping, […]

Burke’s Birthday Party :: THREE!!! by Annemarie

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We decided to celebrate Burke with a few of his friends at the park near our house.  Since Burke loves race cars so much, and it helps Mommy to have some kind of “theme” for planning, we went with it and everything was checkered flags, red & black balloons and ramps! The balloons all over […]

Happy Birthday, Burke! You are THREE today! by Annemarie

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Burke is THREE today!!  We had to have some fun celebrating him today…and we’ll do it again on Saturday at his party.  He woke up this morning and hopefully this is one of the last days that he’ll be using his pacifier.  We’ve been talking a lot about it…that 3 year olds don’t use them….so […]

Dear Blake, by Annemarie

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Dear Blake, Somehow you are now 14 months old, and while I can’t remember a time when you weren’t part of our family, it seems like it was just yesterday that you were born. You decided it was high time for you to start walking this month, and on March 24th, you took your first […]

The Bollmans do Disney :: Day 3 by Annemarie

Posted in: Us- Mar 15, 2014 2 Comments

We were surprised to see that the train was running on Day 3, so we hopped it for a ride! Burke and Mommy rode the roller coaster together.  He did great, but when we were coming in he said, “I a little scared”, which was the most darling thing ever.  He was so brave and […]