Summer = Fun Times with Lots of Friends by Annemarie

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It is SUMMER….and that means that there is no school, and we are down to just one day a week for Blake’s speech therapy.  That also means that we have 4 days to get out of the house and meet up and play with our friends.  We did that this week and had a blast. […]

Father’s Day 2015 by Annemarie

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When I woke up this morning and saw Burke, I told him to go in and say “Happy Father’s Day” to Daddy, and his reply was, “I already did”.  I asked him how he knew to do that, and he said that Emmy had already helped him make a card.    So thankful for Aunt […]

Beach Pizza Picnic by Annemarie

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I knew that I wanted to get to the beach for one of the days when my parents were here, but since Burke was in VBS in the morning, it was an afternoon/evening that worked.  I didn’t feel like making dinner to take, so I called in for a few pizzas, and Brett picked them […]

Blueberries & Firestone Picnic by Annemarie

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Since today was the only full day that we would be able to spend with ALL of us together, we decided to go have ourselves a fun adventure.  Blueberry picking it was!!  We loaded in and headed out to Santa Barbara Blueberries in Gaviota.  It was a beautiful day.  Sun shining, but not too hot. […]

Ma & Loralyn Surprise Visit :: June 2015 by Annemarie

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Ma texted me on Thursday afternoon asking if she and Loralyn could come in for the weekend as a surprise.  I thought that was great, so they made their way that night and snuck in sometime after 9pm.  When the boys woke up, we told them there was a surprise in Emmy’s room. They sure […]

Burke’s {first} Last Day of School by Annemarie

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Today was Burke’s first Last Day of School.  The last 9 months have flown by, which seems to be true for anyone who has children who are in school.  I am seriously in shock that his first year is over already as I can clearly recall the first day, and almost every Tuesday and Thursday drop […]

Balboa Island & A Duffy Boat by Annemarie

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We put the weekend on the calendar and were so excited to spend some time with the O’Neils.  It’s been a year since they moved from right around the corner, and we were in some need of some quality time.  After it taking 4.5 hours for a 2 hour drive, we made it to their […]

Dear Mallory, by Annemarie

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Dear Mallory, Four whole months have gone by, and you’re not really such a newborn anymore….you’re a full fledged baby.  You are the sweetest little joy and we just love you so much! At your 4 month appointment, you weighed 15 pounds 2 ounces and measured 24.75 inches.  This is the 75% percentile for both […]

A 3 hour household nap by Annemarie

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Everyone took a nap today, which was glorious.  It started at 2pm, and at 5pm, I went in to get up the boys.  Mallory and I walked in, and her brothers were pretty excited to see her.  I needed to capture her 17 week picture, and the light in their room is pretty good, so […]

Memorial Day BBQ 2015 by Annemarie

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We hosted a Memorial Day BBQ today with our friends.  We took some pictures. Love these folks.  The SB Hens and their families.   Robyn taught the girls a dance, and they performed it for us later. Tessa’s birthday is on the 26th, so it was the perfect reason for us to enjoy some cupcakes […]