Go Cubs, GO! by Annemarie

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This morning, as Brett and Blake were getting ready for their breakfast date, they were discussing the score of last night’s Cubs game.  Daddy was saying that they played the Dodgers, to which I chimed in, “Wait, weren’t you going to look into us going to one of those games?”.  Well, they went on their […]

Burke’s FIRST DAY of Kindergarten by Annemarie

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Wow, this morning was Burke’s FIRST DAY of KINDERGARTEN!  We had to wake up a little bit earlier than we have all summer.  As usual, Mallory was ready to be awake and up, but it took the boys a little bit longer. I made Burke’s lunch last night before I learned that they wouldn’t be […]

Dear Mallory, by Annemarie

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Dear Mallory, We had a sweet morning just the two of us to celebrate and you turning FIFTEEN months.  We went out towards Miramar Beach and enjoyed all the pretty flowers on the trail.  I made you a cute little shirt and you looked so darling in it. Your personality is shining through these days.  […]

Dear Mallory, by Annemarie

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Dear Mal Gal, 13 Months on LEAP YEAR DAY!  I guess I realized this last year when there wasn’t a 29th of your first full month, but I had forgotten…like most things these days…which is why I try my hardest to capture these pictures and jot down what you’re up to so we can remember. […]

Preschool Room 2 Valentine’s Day Party by Annemarie

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I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Valentine’s Party in Burke’s class this morning.  It was so fun to be there to see these kids love on each other, enjoy their friends and celebrate some fun times. The morning started out with a snack, to which Burke thoroughly enjoyed the red bell […]

Blake is THREE by Annemarie

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Blake woke up super early on his birthday, and I snuck out of our room to greet him in the hallway and tell him that “Quick, let’s get on your sweatshirt and boots, we’re going to get donuts!”, to which his response was “What?  Donuts?  No way!”.  Gosh, this guy is so fun. So, we […]

Dear Mallory, by Annemarie

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Dear Mallory, One whole year of MALLORY and what an amazing year it’s been.  You are such a joy to everyone in our family and we delight in you!! You love music, and whether it’s coming from the speakers, or one of your toys that sings, as soon as you hear the tunes, you bounce […]

Mallory’s 1st Birthday by Annemarie

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Mallory is ONE!!  We had a super day celebrating her birthday.  Started out with brothers trying to put her birthday crown on for her. So helpful. 🙂 Birthday girl had no idea what was in store for her! What is this?  A donut?  Why yes, my darling Mallory.  No sugar until you’re 1, and then….well, […]

Hens New Year :: 2016 by Annemarie

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I still can’t believe that we actually pulled it off….and I think we commented on this exact fact at least a few times over the last two days….but we got five of our Hens families together for New Year’s Eve in OC.  We were only missing Aunt Emmy.  🙁  There were 10 adults and 14 […]

Dear Mallory, by Annemarie

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Dear Mallory, It snuck up on us, but you’re 11 months old!  You are such a fun girl and we love you so much! This month you grew up so much, so fast!  You are walking.  We can’t believe it, but around the middle of the month, you started to take a few steps and […]