Backyard Antics by Annemarie

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Went out in the backyard with Remi this afternoon to take Mallory’s 30 week picture (a day late) and before we even got started, Blake was laying down on the fabric expecting his picture to be taken.  Then Burke was on his way over, and we had to make room for baby sister.  She looked […]

Brotherly Competition by Annemarie

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The other night we were in the backyard and the boys were fighting over who’s turn it was on the Plasma Car.  For some reason, this particular toy has gained popularity with the boys, maybe since they’ve both gotten the hang of it and got themselves going pretty fast on them.  Well, I had more […]

Mal Gal :: 29 Weeks by Annemarie

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Lil Mal Gal is 29 weeks today, and she’s really starting to shine during our weekly pictures.  At this point, we have more than enough super duper cute pictures when we only need one.   I just love this gold cross fabric and she looked way too precious on it.  I had to snap a […]

Summer Afternoon in SB by Annemarie

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It’s summer in Santa Barbara and that means that in the afternoons it’s so hot inside that the only way to beat the heat (as in 80+ degrees in the house) is to get outside.  There was a breeze coming from the front, and so after everyone woke up from naps, we took the big […]

Golf n’ Stuff by Annemarie

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Brett took off work today since we didn’t really get to do much vacationing when we were on our trip, and we headed down to Ventura to Golf n’ Stuff (to use the gift certificates that Burke and Brett got for their birthdays from the Lamars). The boys all dressed in their best “golf attire” […]

Dear Mallory, by Annemarie

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SIX MONTHS! Wow. What a super exciting six months it has been. It seems like the things that you do come so quickly and you’re on super drive to learn the next thing. On our first road trip this month, to Las Vegas for your first 4th of July, you decided that you would turn […]

Bollman Family Roadtrip :: Day 1 :: SB to Marana, AZ by Annemarie

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We left this morning for our annual trip to Texas.  Last year I swore we wouldn’t be doing this again, but I just couldn’t go a year without seeing our family, and also introducing them to Mallory….so, we planned, and we are OFF!! While we had the best intentions to leave somewhere in the 9am […]

Fourth of July 2015 by Annemarie

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We decided to spend Mallory’s first 4th of July with family in Las Vegas, so we headed off on late Thursday afternoon. The last time we took this drive it took us just a little bit over 6 hours with one stop – which was amazing. This time it took quite a bit longer and […]

Dear Mallory, by Annemarie

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Dear Mallory, It’s been FIVE months since you were born.  It seems like it’s gone by so quick and that your birth was so long ago.  You are loved and enjoyed so much each and every day. You reached some major milestones this month and you are not slowing down.  You started to roll last […]

Summer = Fun Times with Lots of Friends by Annemarie

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It is SUMMER….and that means that there is no school, and we are down to just one day a week for Blake’s speech therapy.  That also means that we have 4 days to get out of the house and meet up and play with our friends.  We did that this week and had a blast. […]