First Day of School :: Second Grade (Burke) & Kindergarten (Blake) by Annemarie

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What a great summer we had, as well as some time off from school.  Formal schooling anyways, even though we learned quite a bit on our travels and read a LOT this summer.  Mostly audiobooks, but we got really into The Boxcar Children and enjoyed the many mysteries of Benny, Violet, Jessie and Henry.  I didn’t have much choice but to wait until the night before to get everything together and ready for our first day, but that meant that lots of Amazon boxes were being delivered throughout the week prior.

I was up until past 2am organizing our space and finishing all the last minute details so that our first day would be special.  I know the kids love it, and it really helps me to kick it off right too!

I think they clued in a little while ago that we are a tradition family, and they had kept asking me for some new fidget spinners.  Well, little did they know that I had more than that planned for them.  I had done some reading this summer about prepping for kinesthetic learners, of which I have a few, and a couple tools to help with their hands and focus.  They really got a kick out of the pokey ball, monkey noodle and fidgets, but the Lego shaped chew necklaces have been the biggest hit so far.

I have a strong desire to be a little more prepared this year and really wanted to have a better plan for our morning time together, so I read a bunch about the concept of a “morning basket” and put ours together.  Each morning (or afternoons on days we have morning commitments), we will gather around the table (or wherever really, since our basket is portable) for about 45 minutes and ground our days in truth, goodness and beauty.  We will have prayer, pledge, Bible, poetry memorization, verse memorization and our memory work too.  Then we’ll have our read aloud together, which we already finished Nate the Great on day 1 (it was a short one), and now are reading begin (a Growly book).  After those subjects are complete, we’ll do one or two from our Loop which consists of virtue, poetry reading, art study, hymn study, character cards and additional Bible stories.

They were all pretty excited about all of the things that were for our school year.

Really though, who am I kidding??  I think that they liked the donuts the best!  🙂

Our agenda consisted of : breakfast, FDOS pictures, time capsule activities, curriculum review, read aloud, scavenger hunt/treat and then Ninja Class.

Burke is in Second Grade this year and I’m excited to learn new things with him.  This year he will be continuing Math U See Beta, All About Reading 2, All About Spelling 1, and adding in Explode the Code 2, Writing with Ease, and First Language Lessons.  He will also be continuing with BitsBox, which he loves!  He’ll be attending a one day Enrichment Academy with Inspire on Tuesdays and a Math Workshop on Thursday with Miss Holly.  We will also be doing our Nature Club, Wolfpack, on Fridays!  We will be using the memory work from Classical Conversations Cycle 1 for our Science and History.

Blake is a Kindergartener and he loves to learn!  He will be using Math U See Alpha, All About Reading 1, and Explode the Code 1.  He’ll be attending a one day Enrichment Academy with Inspire on Tuesdays.  We will also be doing our Nature Club, Wolfpack, on Fridays!  We will be using the memory work from Classical Conversations Cycle 1 for our Science and History.

Mallory will be a part of our “morning basket” as much as she can handle, and I also got her some fun things to practice her ABCs and numbers.  She will also be going to a preschool at our church offices on Thursdays with some of her friends.  She loved going through a workbook this summer and has already shown that she’s a quick learner and likes to learn new things!

Felicity is our wild card and so far she’s rolling right along with the chaos.  She is into everything she can reach, and can stand on her tiptoes like a champ.  I am sure it’ll get interesting this year as I try to find ways to keep her happy and involved.

I am so happy to be entering this second year of schooling with this wild and rambunctious crew.

They sure are cute though too!

We also read This Is My Home, This Is My School (again).  It’ll be a first day tradition as long as we homeschool.  🙂

We measured and completed our interviews.   It was fun to see how much taller and bigger they’d each gotten from last year.  They were pumped to look through their books too.

We played a new game, which was a cooperative one where we were playing against the ogre, and not each other, which was super fun (but ended up being WAY too easy for Burke at this stage).  They waited all morning for the scavenger hunt and were ready to be off and on the hunt with the clues.  I was able to get Felicity to sleep while they were searching which made the search a little easier for everyone.  Although they were hopeful for YogurtLand, we’re all about the traditions, so we ended up at Blenders again and they chose to split a peanut butter chocolate one.

We swung by Matt’s school and grabbed a bunch more stuff that they were getting rid of, and came home with a bunch of puzzles and TWO GIANT BEANBAG chairs.  They will be staying in the garage and we’ll see if they actually get used but they were pretty pumped about them.

When I should have been starting dinner, we decided to make a fun dessert recipe that Taylor had shared with us, and everyone helped.  Then I made dinner and we all cleaned up together, and got ourselves into bed.  What a really great start to our year!

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