Dear Felicity, by Annemarie

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Dear Felicity,

You are 10 and a half months old already and Mommy apologizes (again) for being so awful at keeping these letters up to date, and on time.  You, my dear, are one who is hard to keep up with it seems.  You started all the things early and have kept up that same pace.

Right about a month ago, on April 15, you took your first steps… NINE AND A HALF months old!?!?  WHAT?!??!  I mean, we knew it would be soon because you started standing very quickly after you learned to crawl, and you’ve been scaling anything to move quickly since then too.  But still!??  I watched with amazement, and haven’t stopped being amazed by you yet!

You are so determined to get wherever you want.  You crawl over and inside anything, such as the couch cushions, under and through the dining room chairs, or under your crib or our bed.  You got yourself under the crib once, and then tried to stand up under there.  When it didn’t work, you got so mad that you screamed and grunted.  Not cried, screamed with frustration.  I helped you the first time you did it, but the next time, I watched.  You figured it out and got yourself unstuck just as easily as you had gotten in there in the first place.  Oh boy.  You even got yourself behind the fireplace screen one time and when I walked into the scene, you were pushing it over from the inside.  Of course, your brothers and sister were all in the room with you, but glued to the TV, and didn’t notice you at all.  You are going to be an adventurous one!!

Everything goes into your mouth at this stage, so we are constantly taking things out, or telling you “not in your mouth”.  This morning you seemed to know what that meant, and would look at me with a “Really?  Are you sure?” look that was so cute.

You are a champ at going with the flow with naps.  There have been SO many days where, just because life is busy, that you are taking just one longer nap, and you don’t really seem to be bothered too much.  We’re still nursing a few times a day, and most of the times, that is the only way you’ll fall asleep with me during the day.

You sleep well, and will wake between 1 and 2 times a night, and go back to sleep after nursing.  I love to keep you with me if it’s early in the morning so we can just sleep and, and then be woken up by whomever gets up first from the room down the hall.  Your siblings ALL love to hold you, pick you up, give you tickles, and make you laugh.

You play so well and a lot of the time, by default just because there are a few of you kids, are doing so by yourself.  You play well with your toys in the giant playpen, which has traveled with us to baseball games and parks during our co-op days too.

You let anyone with a smile hold you, and you brighten their days.  When you hear someone say “hi” or “bye”, you wave your little hand side to side! You are coming into an imitation stage and have started to copy a few other things we’ve showed up, like blowing kisses, signing “more”, and also taking your finger to strum your lips for a funny noise.

You are such a joy, Felicity, and I can’t imagine our family without you.  I am 100% positive that all of us feel the same way.

I love you, Miss Felis, all the time.





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