Dear Mallory, by Annemarie

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Dear Mallory,

You sing songs and make them up about everything.  ”I’m swinging at the park, just swinging at the park, it’s a wonderful day!”.  You sing “Jesus Loves Me”, the Batman Lego song, and really anything.

You want to “do art” all the time, and your drawings are so impressive to me.  You draw little people with giant heads, big eyes, sometimes lots of eyes, little arms sticking right out, and squiggly hair.  Then you write notes on there, most of the time they say “Mallory loves {someone}, and they love me” as you’re scribbling wavy lines.  You also say that you want to draw “what the man says” from Kids Art Hub and do a pretty good job of following along.

You love to imagine and can be found talking to friends who aren’t really there, sometimes they’re from Lego Movie or Lego Batman Movie.

You are a curious and mischievous one.  Your favorite spot to curate this mischief is under the table. You’ve been found there with all sorts of items : the sugar bowl, syrup, bag of M&Ms, granola bars, among other goodies.  When you’re caught, you fess up immediately and say exactly what yo’ve been doing and tell us that “I’m sneaky”.

You run down the hall with elephant feet first thing in the morning, open our door, and say “Mommy, it’s morning time!” and are fully expectant for someone to jump up and prepare breakfast for you.  (That is, if you’re not already in our bed, which happens on a lot of nights sometime in the middle of the night).  When this doesn’t happen immediately, you have shown us that, once again, you are 100% capable of taking care of it all by yourself.  The stool is easy for you to carry, get to the fridge, and get whatever is your fancy for that day.

You love to run, laugh, sing and it’s all done with the most energy you can muster.  From sun up to sun down, and beyond, you are full speed.  You love to be the leader, and if you have a friend who is on board with what you are doing, you are the sweetest friend and so much fun to be around.  If someone comes up with another idea, or also is interested in being in charge, or has a say in the way things should go, or is attached to whatever toy you want to, you run into trouble.  Or you are the trouble.

Oh, Mal.  You are a stinky gal.  You toot, just like your brothers, and they smell.  When we hear you, and ask you “Mallory, what was that?”, your reply is “Oh, that’s just one of my tooters….but they’re friendly”.

You dropped naps quite a while ago, and somehow make it through the whole day….as long as we don’t get in the van.  If you’ve been somewhere and been playing hard, a lot of the time you’ll crash on the drive home…but then we’ll

Can I ask you a question?  Have you never seen the Lego Batman Movie/Super Wings before?


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