Dear Felicity, by Annemarie

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Dear Felicity,

You are FIVE months old now and it has gone by so fast.   I have had the best of intentions to keep up with your photos and letters, but my oh my, our life is just kind of crazy…all the time.  As you know, you are the 4th Bollman kiddo, and we are homeschooling….so we are home a lot of the time (all the time), and well, I just don’t have the time that I really want to do all of the things.

My dear baby, you, however, are not ignored.  You are loved so well, and all the time, by everyone in our family.  You might think that after a few months, your novelty may have worn off a bit, but nope.  You are loved, touched, picked up, carried, mauled, sung to, cuddled, and everything in-between in your life so far.  You roll with it all though.  You are the most chill baby ever.

You have sprouted your first tooth!

I love you, ALL THE TIME, Felicity.


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