The FOUR of them by Annemarie

Posted in: Us- Oct 11, 2017 1 Comment

I remember taking this picture with just the boys…..and then with the 3 of them when Mal came along….and today it was time to see if I could get all FOUR of them in the frame. ūüôā

These four beauties are my children.  I am so blessed!

Burke got this picture and I love it! <3

This littlest Bollman baby is so loved by all of us!



One Response to “The FOUR of them”

  1. Ma Bollman says:

    These pictures are so precious! The fact that the older kids show Felicity such love and attention is just awesome. Two boys and two girls are the perfect combination for your family!! God is so good! He has blessed you with these jewels and entrusts their training into your hands! Our daily prayers for your family will be for God to be with you as you teach them and train them. For the kids, we will pray that they will early seek the Lord and follow His plan for their lives! We love each of you so very much!
    Ma and Pa