Homeschooling Q1 2017 Journal by Annemarie

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Homeschooling Q12017

August 21 to October 13, 2017

We’ve been homeschooling now for 8 weeks, and I wanted to make a post here to remember and document what we’ve done and how it is going.

Well, it’s honestly gone so much better than I thought it might. Yes, all 6 of us are at the house, a LOT, together….which in the past, like even a week or so before school started at the end of summer, was a little straining or difficult. But, now that we are here and with a planned intentionality, it’s actually quite enjoyable.

We are slow to get up, and there isn’t much rushing around to get anywhere….as, well….we don’t really have anywhere to go on most days. Even on the days that we have somewhere to be, our start time isn’t until 9am, which is completely doable even if we wake somewhere in the early 8 o’clock hour.

We eat breakfast, clean up, maybe do a few chores that need to get done like empty/load the dishwasher or fold/put away some clothes, we make beds, get dressed, and get done anything else that needs to happen before we start the day. Sometimes that means I’m getting Felicity fed and back off to sleep too. The kids usually end up moving along to playing, and that is part of what I love. They’ve been spending so much time together and their imaginative play, and cooperative play, has exploded. Now, they’re not always playing with kindness or peacefully….but a lot of the time, it’s together. They spend so much time playing games, like UNO or War, or (most recently) The Scrambled Unites States of America Game, or a number of others.

We get started around 930am, with ALL of us at the table together. We say the Pledge of Allegiance (I still need to get us a flag somewhere) which everyone has mastered, including Mallory. We have a rotation of sorts for our morning time activities….learning songs or hymns, listening to poems/stories from Children’s Book of Virtues, Spanish vocabulary, ABC Verses, and then our Classical Conversations (CC) memory work. This often times gets us into doing something extra with our maps or State fact books as well. They’ve REALLY latched onto and loved learning a lot about the 50 States.

We have ALL loved CC School and the memory work is SO MUCH FUN. I get so pumped on all the new info, which I think keeps the kids excited about it as well. We are (all) learning so many new things and the way we memorize it is just plain fun. The things that the boys are committing to memory is amazing. The songs are sung throughout the day in our house so much that even Mallory has learned some of them too!

The boys are taking a Spanish (immersion) Class with friends in Carpinteria on Monday afternoons. On Wednesday we have CC School and then Ninja Class in the afternoons. We’ve also loved being part of our co-op Nature Study Club, the Wolfpack, and learned all about Insects this period on Friday mornings.

The blend of being home, as well as being part of a few different groups/communities has been such a blessing in so many ways. I was asked recently by some friends what is bringing me the most joy right now, and I answered without hesitation that it was homeschooling. Most people think that I am nuts or crazy, which maybe we are just a little bit, but God has made it so clear that we are exactly where He wants us to be.



6 weeks of Memory Work in Timeline, History, Science, English, Latin and Math
Skip counting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11
Geography :: US Map recognizing shapes and placement of all 50 states; 40 capitals memorized, learning State Nicknames and interesting facts, Draw USA

Blake :: AAR Level Pre-Reading Letters A-H (Uppercase, Lowercase & sounds), Rhyming, Syllable recognition
Burke :: AAR Level 1 Lessons 1 – 35

Blake :: Make 10, reinforcing numbers; Unifix cube play & Math Games
Burke :: Math U See Alpha Lessons 1 – 25, Unifix cube play & Math Games

Read Aloud :: Cricket in Times Square + 1/2 Tucker’s Countryside
Spanish :: 20 + Words & Spanish Class with Miss Leanne
Physical Activity :: Soccer practices + games; Ninja Class; lots of playing
Memorizations :: Pledge of Allegiance, Star Spangled Banner, Ooey Gooey (poem)
Hymn Study :: 2 verses of Holy Holy Holy
Nature Study Club (Wolfpack) :: Insect Unit – vocab of insect parts, Conversation with an Entomologist song, walking hikes, various craft projects & nature journaling
Verses :: ABC Verses A-F, Prov 20:11, Prov 17:22, Psalm 24:1
Games :: UNO, War, Battleship, Stack the States Game, Scrambled States of America Game
Virtues :: Children’s Book of Virtues pages 9 – 51
Science :: Planets and rotations

GOALS for Q2
Memorize at least 6 new verses
Holy Holy Holy 2 more verses + How Great Thou Art
God Bless America
Draw all the USA
Finish Tucker’s Countryside, start next book
BitsBox, Raddish Kids + Kiwi Crate
Memorize another poem
Field Trip

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