Dear Felicity, by Annemarie

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Dear Felicity,

You are 3 months old and I’m already falling behind on these letters to you. You’ve aged so quickly that I just can’t keep up. You’re officially 15 weeks old today, or 3 Months and 13 days….let’s just say 3 and a half months. It’s not that I haven’t taken a bajillion pictures of you, because that surely isn’t true. I want to do my best to keep a journal of your life too, so here’s what you’ve been up to since your 1st month.

You are just the chillest and sweetest baby. You haven’t met a stranger. You love to be held by anyone and it keeps you so happy. You went on a camping trip when you were 6 weeks old and didn’t make a peep the entire weekend. A lot of people thought we were brave, or maybe a little crazy, to be a family who went camping with a 6 week old, but we did it…..and we had a lot of fun. You were so easy going, slept well, and were a dream. All of the other parents took turns holding you and loved the treat! You also came with Mommy & Daddy on your first solo trip with us…a rite of passage to Pebble Beach as a nursing baby. You were held and loved on by someone the entire time, and besides a spell on the car ride on the way there, you didn’t make so much as a peep or cry at all!

You sleep well, although being the 4th child with older siblings, there really isn’t much of a routine to your sleeping yet. You very much go with the flow and will sleep if you are in a carrier. You sleep on your tummy, and I even set up your crib. Daddy went on a week long trip to Canada around your 10 week old mark, and when we got home from the airport, your brothers and sister helped me get it all set. You nap so well in your new setup, and enjoyed the extra room.

You hardly stay still for very long. Even if you’re put on your back in your crib, you are scooting all over the place and when I look back, you’re facing a completely different direction than you had been just moments before. You are a champ at tummy time and have even surprised us by flipping yourself over to your back. A few times when I realize you’re awake from a nap or in the middle of the night before I bring you in with me, you’re just chilling on your back waiting to be found. *Update with the late monthly letter… 3 Months and 3 Days you decided that you needed to up your game, and you successfully rolled from your back to your tummy, and propped yourself up. The very next day, you had that trick mastered and now you don’t stay on your back at all. You’ve started to push your knees up and rock back and forth. I am a little afraid of what you might think to do next, but we’ll wait and see!

You are a drooling baby and you have found your hands, which means that you stick your fists and fingers in your mouth. I am avoiding the fact that means you might be teething, but you gnaw on anything you can, whether that’s a blanket, burp cloth, or someone’s shoulder.

At your 11 weeks + 5 days visit to Dr. Iris you weighed 12 lbs 15.5 ounces (63%), measured 24 inches (83%) and your big head was in the 94th percentile. We moved you up to the 6 month clothes already. I am betting they’re already a little smaller as they’ve all been washed a few times since a majority of your clothes were also your cousin’s and also your sister’s too. You are so cute in all of them though!

I realized that you know how to put yourself to sleep. Not that I was trying to get you to do this, however, sometimes there are just a few too many people who need me all at the same time, and more than a few times, you’ve been laying in your crib with a pacifier, and when I come back to check on you….well, you’ve put yourself to sleep. I am not complaining really, but I do love when you fall asleep in my arms the best. We make up for it though as you are a sweet snuggler and you sleep nestled in my arms each night. You wake up to eat 1-3 times and fall back asleep with me. When morning comes, as soon as someone else is in our room, you are being touched and hugged and kissed, and so there is definitely no going back to sleep after that.

Your brothers want to hold you (and carry you – Burke!) all the time. Burke actually is really great with you and when he tries to make you smile, it’s heartwarming! Blake copies everything that he sees his big brother do, and so it’s super cute to watch him with you too! Mallory calls you “Liss-ity” or “my best sister” and it’s so adorable. She wants to tell everyone about you and I am excited for the days when you two can play together. She will teach you everything she knows!

Since I am homeschooling everyone, we are all home, all the time together. I love this so much, and love that your brothers and sister get to see you, and be with you all the time. They just dote on you, sometimes….most of the time…..a little too much. We’ve established the term “Felicity Zone” and have attempted to give you one small square in the house that is only for you. It’s kind of working but I doubt the affect will last long. You are just too irresistible and everyone wants a piece of you all the time.

You’ve started to really use your hands and fingers for holding and grabbing things. You are strong with a capital “S” and have started to pull on my hair. Not that it’s staying in very well at all in the first place, but you really do have a tight grip! You are also cooing and will also howl back to us. Your sweet voice is so cute. You’re smiling all the time too and we all love to get you to do it!

You love to be on FaceTime with your family and it seems as if you really have recognition of people’s faces. Everyone loves to see you and hear what you’ve been up to! You’re a dream baby girl and we love that you’re part of our Bollman Bunch.

I love you all the time, baby girl.

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  1. Ma Bollman says:

    Oh sweet Felicity!
    You are such a joy! You won our hearts even before you were born! You have the sweetest smile and look deep into the eyes that are watching you. You are growing so quickly I want to see you everyday. Thank goodness Mommy lets us FaceTime often. Words can’t express our love for you and your sister and brothers. It is hard to believe there are FOUR of you now, but you are the “BABY” of the Bollman Bunch!