Homeschooling Q1 2017 Journal

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Homeschooling Q12017 August 21 to October 13, 2017 We’ve been homeschooling now for 8 weeks, and I wanted to make a post here to remember and document what we’ve done and how it is going. Well, it’s honestly gone so much better than I thought it might. Yes, all 6 of us are at the […]

Dear Felicity,

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Dear Felicity, You are 3 months old and I’m already falling behind on these letters to you. You’ve aged so quickly that I just can’t keep up. You’re officially 15 weeks old today, or 3 Months and 13 days….let’s just say 3 and a half months. It’s not that I haven’t taken a bajillion pictures […]

The FOUR of them

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I remember taking this picture with just the boys…..and then with the 3 of them when Mal came along….and today it was time to see if I could get all FOUR of them in the frame. 🙂 These four beauties are my children.  I am so blessed! Burke got this picture and I love it! […]