Firestone Summer Concert with TayTay, Karis & Mr. Jeff by Annemarie

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Taylor, Jeff and Karis came to visit us in SB.  We hit up the beach on Friday morning and then traveled out to Solvang for the Firestone Summer Concert that night.  We packed some snacks and dinner for the kids, while the adults enjoyed the delicious trip-tip sandwiches served onsite.

Most loved little sister ever.

Sweet girl in her first tutu dress. <3

The girls in their cute purple matching dresses.

Cousins…this was the best one we got of all 5 of them.  🙂

We were so happy to meet Jeff and have him here visiting our family.  He puts the biggest smile on Aunt TayTay’s face and that makes us smile too!

Oh, these girls.  Hysterical.

My Mal Gal is just the sweetest and most affectionate girl.  I love her so much!

These kids have my heart.

Well….we are SIX now….and this is our first picture of all of us.  I’ll be sure to keep my expectations low for the next several years in getting good group shots.

The band played some awesome tunes and we all had a great time doing some dancing!

What a super fun night with our TX guests.

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