The 2 Year Old Gang by Annemarie

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Mallory has the greatest group of two year old friends.

We got them all together this morning for a little donut celebration of Mallory and Kyah turning TWO.  The looks on their faces when they were given free reign of eating those yummy donut holes was priceless.  It didn’t take them long to devour all of them.

Seriously love these fun two year olds.

We made it over to Stephens Park after for a little play in the sunshine.

It was way more interesting down in the creek, which was new from all the recent rain.

One of Mal’s favorite things is to throw rocks into water, and she was in toddler heaven.  Mal and Kyah had a little bit more fun (sans clothes) and splashed all over that creek.  What a wonderful morning celebrating these sweet girls and their buddies.

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  1. Mom says:

    Such sweetness. Always fun to play in water.