Dear Mallory, by Annemarie

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Dear Mallory,

You are TWO and you are such an incredible little girl. You have grown up so much in the past few months that it’s hard to keep up, and keep track of all of the new and interesting things you do.

Your language has exploded and you still LOVE to talk. You babble and sing a lot, but you have shown us that you picked up on real words, and also your own little words. You tend to add the “ey” sound to the end of a lot of words. Rock = rockey, water = wa-whee, sock = sockey, Burke = Burkey, bear = “pooh”ey, napkin = knackey, etc, etc. It’s completely adorable and charming.

You are really into Paw Patrol, and ask for “puppies?” all the time. Skye is your favorite and you know who all the pups are. Throwing rocks into water or puddles is a joy to you. You continue to have a few words of your own language, saying “dough bai” for thank you (unprompted and at the right times), and you’ve coined the phrase “olli-gal” to mean going under the covers/blanket.

You love to take Mommy’s phone, and while your first reaction is to ask for “game? game?”, when you’re told that isn’t an option, you slide to the camera, say “CHEESE!”, and start snapping pictures. You have picked up on so much, like saying “cuse me” if you burp, proclaiming if you “toot”, putting your hand on someone’s back and looking them in the face asking “OK?”, and coming to Mommy and pushing her to “wake up” and come to breakfast. You bounce walk into the kitchen, know exactly where to get a bowl and spoon, and either open the cabinet for “ser-ie” (cereal), or the fridge for “yo-gie” (yogurt). Yo’ve mastered grabbing the storage bin from under the bed so that you can use it as a step to get up on our big bed. When you’re in the van, you ask to hold hands with your brothers (both of them now that we’ve moved your seat to the middle!). You want to get buckled in completely on your own and get super frustrated when help is offered. Dressing yourself is also something that “I do” on a regular basis. Surprisingly you get it right more often than not, including your shoes, which you have to choose out for yourself as well. You are oh so independent and very strong willed, but you do like to make choices when offered. You are very stubborn about staying on your bottom in your booster seat, or the stool, when one of your brothers isn’t around to be there. You say “knees” or show me with a grin that you are indeed on your bottom when you’re sitting on the top edge of the booster. Speaking of your brothers, you love to walk around and say their names and “Hi Burke” or “Hi Blake” and look at them for their response. You’ve picked up on “getting” them, and will run around the living room/kitchen circle with the best of them, arms stretched out in front of you. Getting in on the brotherly wrestling doesn’t phase you either, and you are right in there with them. You got some baby dolls for Christmas and have taken to being super sweet to them, giving them pat-pats and letting them lay on your chest when they’re night-night. You’re starting to recognize colors, mainly red, green and purple, and finally have learned how to keep the crayons/markers ON the paper and enjoy to color. You also love glue sticks and gluing, and Mommy has started to notice how different a “craft time” with you could be as compared to your brothers. Oh, and you love to clean up, and be helpful. You will grab the plates/silverware/napkins and happily help set them out for everyone for meals. You also are the first one to notice if a cabinet is left open and needs to be closed, or if something is out of its regular place. You are a “me too” kid, and will copy anything you see your brothers (especially Burke) do in a hot second. When you like your dinner, you eat it all up, using your fork or spoon, all by yourself. You love chips and to dip anything into anything. If music is on, you move your body and love to dance. Mommy likes when you come up to me and hold my hands and bounce around. When Daddy flips you through his arms in the air, or upside down on the bed, you are the happiest. You love your friends and people and to give hugs to them when you see them. If you want something that is out of your reach, you grab the stool and carry it to where it will help you get that thing. You know that when your hair is up that it’s called a “pony”, but will yank it out when you’re all done with it. You know that our family’s favorite baseball team is the Cubs, and can recognize it as “Cub-bEE!” and look so cute in your baseball cap. You love treats, ice cream, cookies and anything sweet.

I can’t remember if I told you that you share a room with your big brothers. You have your crib, and they each have their beds. You take great naps, and are always happy to wake up. At bedtime, you’re most often the last one to fall asleep, but you just babble and chat to yourself until you fall asleep. You started to show us that you can get out of your crib, and at times that you weren’t supposed to, so you now have a sleeping bag, and luckily you agree that it’s “cozy” and like to wear it. You’re so bright that, of course, you figured out how to unzip and remove it already too. You are last to pray during our bedtime Family Prayer Time and your prayers always include Mommy, Daddy, Burp, Bake, Me, Baby, and now a number of others too…..MyMy, KyKy, Ash (Cash), Nannie, PopPop, Ma, Pa, Mayme (Remi/Emmy), TayTay, KK, and others.

You love to go the park, even though we’ve had more rainy days than sunny lately, and the beach is your favorite. You play in the sand, and now have shown signs of really liking the water and waves too.

You are going to be a BIG SISTER in a few months, and know where the baby is in Mommy’s tummy. You like to give my belly zurbits and are so good at it.

We love you, Mallory Anne, all the time!!


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