20 Minutes with my Family by Annemarie

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I asked the kids and Daddy if they would spent JUST 20 minutes with me this afternoon as a practice run for my upcoming “Just the Card” Mini Sessions that start tomorrow.  I found some cute stuff in their closet that was clean, begged Burke to PLEASE make the shoes work JUST for the shoot, and he could take them off AS SOON as we were finished, and promised them the same reward that I was planning for the other families after it was all over.

Well, Mal spotted the lollipops going into my bag on the way out the door, and proceeded to cry tears down her face from that minute and wasn’t super happy until she got that said lollipop.  They were a little trickier for me than I am hoping other families would be, since they know me and all….but in the end….I was happy with the shots that we got during the Bollman Family (minus Mommy!) Mini Session.  🙂

Mal’s cheese face lined with grave concern about when she is going to have that lollipop.

This one, well, we really should have signed him up for modeling because despite him being a very typical 5 year old, he gave me some golden smiles and some beautiful pictures.  He always has.  The camera (and his Mommy!) love him very much!

I had to move SO QUICK to get this absolutely adorable moment with Mal and her brothers.  It was not without some persuasion, however, it accurately captures how much she adores her big brothers.

Proof positive as this was just moments before.

I’m not sure if many people would consider this one “Christmas card worthy”, however, this is so much of what I love about capturing families being together…and I hope that some of the families I spend time with over the next few days will invite me back into their lives so I can get more of these real moments. I love my silly, loud, rambunctious, always-moving family!

2 Responses to “20 Minutes with my Family”

  1. Mom says:

    These are adorable, real life photos. Burke is a natural, quite the model. Blake and Mallory showered us with real emotions. Those lollipops must have been really special. LOL Love them all!!

  2. MA says:

    These pictures are so special! They really do capture the real side of their personalities and cuteness! Yes, Burke should have been a model!!! I absolutely love Mal’s hug on the two boys! My next favorite is the single pic of Blake! When he relaxes and gives a smile, he is as handsome as can be!! We love each of you so much and live how you share life with us💗