Go Cubs, GO! by Annemarie

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This morning, as Brett and Blake were getting ready for their breakfast date, they were discussing the score of last night’s Cubs game.  Daddy was saying that they played the Dodgers, to which I chimed in, “Wait, weren’t you going to look into us going to one of those games?”.  Well, they went on their date, and then at 9am, Brett texted to say that if we went we’d have to leave soon and we’d be home late tonight.  I started to get us ready right away, and we were on the road at 10am!

We grabbed some food right near the stadium and pulled in just a little bit after 1230pm.

After we parked, we spotted a policeman on a motorcycle going through the parking lot.  The kids waved and to our surprise he stopped, pulled up close to us, and told us that we weren’t allowed to tailgate.  He said that he was giving us a warning and the other guys probably wouldn’t be as nice and give us a ticket…..well, umm…..we just need to change a baby diaper and we’ll be on our way, kind sir.  Doh!

Brett walked in with his two boys, all decked out in their cubbies gear, singing “Go Cubs Go”, and I just had to believe that it was a dream come true for him.

I was SO thankful that Brett had taken the time to do a little research and find us seats that were properly 100% under the deck and so we had completely shaded seats.  We decided to get 4, even though we could have technically gotten away with just 3, and it was nice to have the extra room for the kids to roam in-between us.

From our seats we had an amazing view of the whole stadium.

Burke said he would like some cotton candy, and so we sent him along his way, on his own, to make that happen.  He was a little awkward but so proud of his purchase.

Everyone enjoyed some of the super super sticky treat.  Mommy was thankful for the wipes in her bag for the aftermath!

The kids did surprisingly well watching the game, but Mal was starting to move around quite a bit, so we went for a walk.  She was quite possibly the most charming little girl you’d ever seen, just strolling and bouncing along the crowds, catching the smiling attention of every single person she passed.  We walked all over the place and we had quite a fun time.  She was quite enamored with one of the pop up shops, and even more so when the attendant snuck down and surprised her inside the glass case.  She then walked around the corner and right back to his spot two more times for his attention.  I tried to see if she was wanting to take a snooze, but she was really too interested in all of the things to see to close her eyes.  It was nice to have some close and sweet snuggles from her though.

Daddy was so happy today.  And so was Mommy. 🙂

While she was deciding if she wanted to rest, she got to have her pacifier and bunny and monkey.

Sharing a game dog with the family.

We all had such a great time at the game, even though the Cubs weren’t able to pull out the win today.  Daddy is already rallying for a ticket to the World Series where he’s confident his Cubbies will be in a few months.  I guess we shall see….

They didn’t hang on long once we got back in the van.   We made a few stops on our drive home and had them all tucked in bed by 830pm.  I loved every bit of today.  It was such a perfect fun family outing.

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