Burke’s FIRST DAY of Kindergarten by Annemarie

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Wow, this morning was Burke’s FIRST DAY of KINDERGARTEN!  We had to wake up a little bit earlier than we have all summer.  As usual, Mallory was ready to be awake and up, but it took the boys a little bit longer.

I made Burke’s lunch last night before I learned that they wouldn’t be eating lunch at school today.  Oops.

Needed a healthy breakfast and a dose of Jesus.

We’ve been waiting for this day all summer.

They want to brush their teeth all the time now since we started to use the Disney teeth brushing app.  Twice a day for 2 minutes each.

Uniforms.  I can’t believe it.  Daddy chose to get Burke white shirts and he looked really nice on his first day.  New shirt.  New shorts.  New shoes (which ended up giving him blisters – doh!).

The batteries on the camera died right as we were getting ready to walk out the house…..so, we had to use my phone.

I can’t believe that Remi was able to get a picture with all 5 of us smiling!  Poor Daddy was going on 4 hours of sleep over the last two days, so he was looking a little sleepy…but he made it to the first day with us!

Ah, bestill my heart.  He’s so handsome….and full of energy.

Burke was so happy to see Mr. Knoles.  He ran up to give him a hug, and when he saw Mr. Lisea, he gave a handshake and then a hug too.  He’s such a sweet kid.

Burke was all smiles, and most of the kids were, although there were a few sad faces.  We are so excited about Mrs. Baker being Burke’s teacher.

They lined up alphabetically by last name, which means Burke will always be the third kid in their lines.

On the way into the courtyard for the pledges.

Their first time…..anticipating what comes next.

Mr. Knoles welcomed all the students, led us in the pledges and read a letter to all the students that he’ll read again on the last day of school.

Today was an early pickup day, so we were back around 1145 to wait for these big guys to get out of class.  Look at all those little siblings….just waiting  to be in school too.

All smiles coming out to meet us.  He had a great day.  When I asked him to tell me 3 things about today, he told me 1. He sat with Emelia, Evelyn and Sal; 2. He was the only kid in his class wearing a white shirt, and 3. He loved being with his friends.

These two weren’t up for their picture in the morning, but….they were after class.  Glad we got this year’s photo!  So glad these guys are growing up together.

3 Responses to “Burke’s FIRST DAY of Kindergarten”

  1. Autie says:

    Love to read about it all. Love him.

  2. Grandma Betty says:

    Burke, this looked like the perfect day for your first day of Kindergarten!! I can’t believe you have gotten so big that you are in elementary school now!! You enjoy learning all kinds of new things, being with friends, learning about living for Jesus, loving your teacher, and using up lots of energy!! I am so happy that you get to be with many of the same classmates year after year. You will grow up with life long friends. Beck sure seems like a great pal. Pa and I look you Burkster. You are so special!!