Dear Mallory, by Annemarie

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Dear Mallory,

We had a sweet morning just the two of us to celebrate and you turning FIFTEEN months.  We went out towards Miramar Beach and enjoyed all the pretty flowers on the trail.  I made you a cute little shirt and you looked so darling in it.

Your personality is shining through these days.  You are so funny to us in some of the things you choose to do all on your own.  You know where the toys you like are in the bins and shelves, and will go straight to them to grab the one you want to play with at that moment.  You still only keep your interest for a short time and drop it off somewhere close in a short time.  You have taken to playing with the booster seat that is on the floor in the kitchen.  You will put your body in and out of it, over and over again, and try to close the clasps too.

You have started to show your will in doing things that YOU want to do, WHEN you want to do them.  This rears pretty strong when we have to get you into your carseat.  Most of the time, you just don’t want to do it and you fight me to get you to sit down so taht your shoulders fit inside.  You scream and scoot your body down so it’s impossible for me.  You stand up and just wait until you’re ready, and this is who I often end up going about the situation as I just dont’ feel like fighting with you.

You had pretty much transitinoned to one long solid nap, btu by the end of this month, you were back to taking 2 if we were at home around 930 or 10am.  You just take a short one for about 45 minutes to an hour in the morning and then you’ll take a good 2 hour one about 3 hours after you wake up.  This makes getting your brothers from school eaiser as you don’t fall asleep too early.  You then go to sleep around the same time as your brothers, by 720 or so, and will wake up 1 to 2 times a night.  You are a JOY in the morning, so happy to be awake with us, and have a great time hanging out in bed with us when your brothers come in.  In the times that you’re awake before them, mostly on days Burke has school, we will go into their room to wake them up.  You walk up to them and give them kisses all on your own.  You really do love those boys so much!

You’ve picked up quite a few little tricks.   You can waving hi and bye, blow kisses, give kisses, give high fives, you clap when someone praises you with a “good job, Mallory” or a “you did it!”.  You also have a fun way of scrunching up your nose when you want to blow it with a tissue, and have a crazy smile that is so funny to us.  Sometimes you growl, you still moan and sing yourself to sleep, and you will move your little body and dance whenever there is music playing. You also have taken to biting in part of your lip and it creates this little sideways smile.  So many expressions of our Mal!  Whenever you’re in a group photo and people taking it are saying “CHEESE” you respond with “AHHHHH” and your mouth open.

We are constantly taking books away from you because they are IN your mouth.  You eat books and toilet paper.  You do love to have books read to you too, though, and will grab them and walk right into someone’s lap for a seat.

You love to take showers by yourself or with your crazy brothers.  You know the words when we say it, and will walk right into the bathroom and start to bang on the shower door.

You babble all the time and I LOVE your voice.  You will say mamma or dada dada dada.  You are so bright and understand so much of what we say.  You know how to take things to the trash.  You know where your giant shoe collection is and how to get the drawer open so you can choose some to wear.  You know that shoes go into the basket by the front table when they’re not on someone’s feet.

You use sign language for milk, water and more, and one time I saw you use please too.

You get so excited when you can crawl up and get on top of things without any assistance.  You can make it onto the bouncing zebra, your rocking horse, and sometimes the couch. This bench on our walk was quite a favorite of yours.

You are a smart girl and very helpful at times too.  You get a kick out of helping with the laundry.  You will take things from the basket and put them into the washing machine, and also help when it’s finished by putting the wet clothes into the dryer.

You know exactly where the things you want to play with are in the kitchen.  The drawer that has all the water bottles and all of my kitchen utensils are your favorites.  I know you’ve been in the drawers when those things are splayed out all over the house.

You run, almost know how to do a somersault and are just on the move at all times.  You want to try the stairs by yourself and have started to be willing to walk holding someone’s hands.

You are such a treat and we have so much fun with you.  Happy 15 months little girl.  I love you, Mal, all the time.


2 Responses to “Dear Mallory,”

  1. Mom says:

    Love your super curly hair, Mallory, and that it is getting so blonde. 15 months looks so good on you.

  2. Grandma Betty Bollman says:

    Mallory, you are so loved!! I can’t explain the feeling I have in my heart when I see pictures of you, or hear stories about what you are doing at fifteen months! You are so amazing. You can do so many things most fifteen month old babies can’t do. You watch your two big brothers, copy and learn from them. I love the way you love people, freely giving your open-mouthed kisses to those you love or are making you happy. We love that you recognize us when you see us on FaceTime. You smile and come running to the phone to see us. You try to take the phone but you don’t hold it correctly so you can’t see us. 🙂 When we say goodbye you blow a kiss and wave bye-bye. I love you to the moon and back!!!