Preschool Room 2 Valentine’s Day Party by Annemarie

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I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Valentine’s Party in Burke’s class this morning.  It was so fun to be there to see these kids love on each other, enjoy their friends and celebrate some fun times.

The morning started out with a snack, to which Burke thoroughly enjoyed the red bell peppers.

These kids truly love and care about each other so much and it’s so fun to see that in person.

They decorated bags for their cards this morning before circle time, and then anyone who made valentines for their friends, was given the chance to drop them in each child’s bag.

Mallory was with us this morning (Blake was at preschool too), and she had a blast walking around the classroom checking out the books, and other toys.  Thanks to Miss Krista for keeping an eye on this very busy gal.

The classroom has been decorated with all the love and hearts for this entire month.  Miss Shannon has such a sweet eye for the little details and making the room a place of fun for our children.

Miss Kyley and Miss Renee made cupcakes and the kids were allowed to decorate them with icing and candies.  They all practiced such self-control and restraint when they were told to only put THREE candies on their cupcake.  🙂

They were allowed to eat the cupcake, and Burke savored his so slowly that he didn’t even get to finish before it was time to move onto the next thing.  What a super fun morning.  We love our school!!

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  1. Grandma Betty Bollman says:

    What a lucky boy you are to have such great friends, wonderful teachers, and terrific school!! No wonder you love school so much!!