Dear Mallory, by Annemarie

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Dear Mal Gal,

13 Months on LEAP YEAR DAY!  I guess I realized this last year when there wasn’t a 29th of your first full month, but I had forgotten…like most things these days…which is why I try my hardest to capture these pictures and jot down what you’re up to so we can remember.

You’ve started to show us that you are familiar with where things are in the house.  You have taken things to the trash, which you LOVE to open and not only put things in it that belong there, but also to open it and check out what’s on top and what you can get your hands on when no one is watching.  Yucky, Mal.  You also know which drawers in the kitchen hold the utensils, which you like to get out and play with while walking around.  You are a big fan of the snack drawer and will go into it when you want to take your hunger issues into your own hands, grabbing any snacks that you can open by yourself.   You get a kick out of being in Mommy’s bathroom and pulling out the curlers, brushes, irons, and the q-tips.

Your absolute favorite thing at playgrounds is the baby swing.  You will walk right up to one, stomp your feet a little bit while raising your arms, and impatiently wait until someone puts you in.  You are completely content to be in there for the entire time we are at a playground too.  We’ve started to put you down slides feet first, and you get a big grin on your face when you reach the bottom.

You are nursing around the clock, mostly at night.  We sometimes nurse before your first nap of the day, but always before your afternoon nap.  If you’re feeling like you want to, which you definitely let me know, then we also nurse in the afternoon when you wake, but then we have our last one for before bed.  Well, not really last, because you wake up once or twice a night still, and that is the only way we can get you back to sleep.  I don’t mind it one bit, but you’re quite ravenous these days and when you get distracted, you pull off without really letting go of your latch all the way, and well, that’s a little tricky for me. 🙂  I have no idea when this journey will end for us, but I cherish the time we still have left.  You seem to be instantly calmed from us nursing, which is what the relationship is about, so that bring me joy.  You sleep most of the time in your crib these days, which is good for you, and Mommy, but I do miss the days where you were snuggled in right next to me in the big bed.

When we were in Las Vegas this month you got up close and personal with Daisy, Loralyn’s dog, and we learned that you are enamored with the animal.  You got up close, wanted to pet her and loved getting kisses.  You laughed so hard.  Ever since then, you see a dog, and your face lights up!!

You babble and chat constantly too.  There’s a lot of cooing and other sweet noises too.  Your only word still that we can really identify that you say is “uh oh”, and it’s so charming.  You’ve also started to claim your very own Bollman scream.  You can correctly identify your head when we ask you with a good pat on yours.  You will blow kisses and wave hello and goodbye if asked as well.

At your 1 year checkup, we were surprised that you had raging ear infections and so we had to go through a round of antibiotics to clear that up.  At your followup, you were still 50% yucky and so we had to get you a bigger and stronger dose which was administered into your sweet thighs.  You did not like that very much, and it was so sad to see the big huge tears streaming down your cheeks, but it did the trick, and when we went for our final followup, you were cleared with a passing hearing test and clean ears!  We also successfully got your iron levels up over 11, but we will need to keep up our routine of Floradix to be sure you stay where you’re supposed to be.  Lucky for us, you LOVE the stuff and drink it down!

You love a good snack, just like your brothers.  Baby goldfish, craisins, bananas, apple sauce packets, cheese sticks and pretzels are a few of your favorites.

You have some pretty funny expressions, ranging from the super serious to big grin laughs, and we love each one of them.  You also get this one in particular where you lower your head slightly and look up at us with frowed brows.  Precious and hysterical.

You’re still loved so well and so much by your brothers.  We are working on getting them to let you play WITH them, and not just around them, but that whole sharing thing is tough when someone else it entering that stage.  🙂

You love your water bottle, well, anyone’s water bottle, but you drink it down.  We’ve been trying to teach you the sign for water so we know what you’re trying to tell us when you grunt and scream and point to it during meals.

Mommy gets you all to herself on a few Wednesdays a month and it’s so fun.  Most days you’re taking two naps, but some of the days you’ve skipped that first one, and when you do, you sleep a solid 3 hours or so in the afternoon.  You’ve been sleeping a little longer some nights and once you slept right through until about 5am.  Crazy that we’re already in that stage and soon you won’t even wake.  Makes me kind of sad but I truly love just getting to know you each day as you get bigger.

You also know that your pacifier and bunny or monkey means that it’s time for sleep.  You also know that when you wake up, those are the items that you need to drop before you get picked up.  You drop your pacifier out of your mouth and let it fall right down and then reach those arms up to be lifted.

We taught you noses, and you love it.  You are getting so good at actual kisses, but they are very open mouth.  We don’t mind though.  Daddy loves these and gets a kick out of it every.single.time.  It’s true what they say that daughters have their daddies wrapped around their fingers.  You’re no exception.

You continue to be our tornado player, meaning that a room can be completely clean, until you start to play.  You pick up a toy, walk a little bit, drop it there, and then do that same thing over and over and over again.  Or you just like to go up to one of the baskets or bins and just start to throw things out of it to the ground.  We can tell you a few things now and you respond accurately, letting us know that you completely understand what we are saying.  If we ask you about the animal train toy, not only do you get a big smile on your face, but you go right up to it, pull the pieces out of that toy bin, and get it all started.  It’s so fun to see you learn.

You are our most active 1 year old Bollman kiddo.  You are on your feet and moving at all times.  The only time you’re sitting still is when you’re in your highchair for a meal, or when you’re in your crib for sleeping.  You walk, run, climb, and just go.  It is so much fun to see your personality, very strong willed and opinionated, come out and show us who you are.  You are a wonderfully sweet girl and I am so thankful to be your Mommy.

Goodness gracious, we all love you so much, ALL THE TIME, Mal Gal.


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  1. Grandma Betty Bollman says:

    You are such a sweet addition to your family. Your brothers love you so much and they make you so mad trying to show you their love. They wrap their arms around you to hold you still for a kiss or pull you close for a hug. You don’t like someone pulling or pushing on you so you start you little ehh, ehh, ehh and pushing them away! It is hilarious! if you are desperate you resort to biting at them. You love doing things with them and copy all they do, or at least try to copy them! I can’t wait to see how your relationship with them changes and grows. You three are going to be great buddies!!