Blake is THREE by Annemarie

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Blake woke up super early on his birthday, and I snuck out of our room to greet him in the hallway and tell him that “Quick, let’s get on your sweatshirt and boots, we’re going to get donuts!”, to which his response was “What?  Donuts?  No way!”.  Gosh, this guy is so fun.

So, we went, he looked and we chose donuts for everyone in the family.  We took our time so that the rest of the family could get the house ready for our return.

When he got back, he walked in to find BIRTHDAY BALLOONS lining the hallway.

Burke wasn’t awake yet, so he went in to grab his brother to share in the fun.  Burke was more than happy to join in on the celebration.

He had patiently counted down and he was finally 3!!

We had a few things in the kitchen for the birthday boy, including a fun birthday crown, his sign, birthday plate, and a fun 3 shirt from Ma in his favorite color.

He had chosen himself an eclair for this trip and he was most excited to just go and dig right in!  He finished it before I even had the chance to blink.

Everyone was happy to be having donuts for Blake’s birthday breakfast.

Birthday plate for my Blakers.

He had a few presents, but we let him open the one from Mommy and Daddy right after breakfast, thinking that he would like to play with it right away.  He was so excited to find that the Paw Patrol Lookout Tower was inside the wrapping.

Blake and Burke got right down to some serious playing.

Mallory was happy to be having donuts again. 🙂

More fun running down the hall with the balloons!!

Mallory had to get in on the action too, and we were all surprised that she didn’t get knocked down in all the excitement.

When I look at these pictures, I am just in complete shock that we have THREE kids….and they’re all so much fun.

Since the kids had so much fun playing at the beach playground the other day, we decided to go to East Beach again.  Turns out that it worked out great as Daddy got to meet up with his high school baseball coach for breakfast at the same spot.

Daddy came to meet up with us after breakfast.  Loved this timer shot of our family for the birthday boy’s big day!

Lunch was at Sam’s to Go.  Yummy!!

And of course, a Blenders treat after lunch.

We decided that in order to have the time to get Blake’s crib taken down and his new big boy bed setup, that we’d have to skip his nap.  He was OK with that idea and was more than eager to help.   Out with the old…..

….and helping build the new!

New mattress and all!!

It’s bounce worthy!!  Woohoo!

I made him some brand new pillow cases for his new pillows and I think that he approved.  🙂

His new quilt is almost finished too, and once it is, his side will be a nice match to Burke’s.  He was pretty thrilled with the new setup!

For the last few months, Blake has been saying, “When I’m three, no more pacifier, no more diapers, and no more crib!”, and so it was time to own up to the pacifier part.  He happily threw it in the trash.  It was quite ceremonious.  (We pulled it out later that night when we realized that we might be expecting too much with all of those transitions at once).

It was time for an early dinner and then presents and cupcakes!

We called family and they joined us for the festivities!  Blake was super happy to open his presents… shoes, some clothes, jammies and a Marshal Paw Patrol backpack.

He also got some new undies (which he is doing SO great with keeping dry!) and SORRY!

Someone else got a super big kick out of the new stuffed Marshall.  🙂

What he’s been waiting for all day….cake and candles.  We sang to him and he blew out all 3 candles!

Who needs a fork when the whole cake is yours?  Dig right in!

He loved all the bites he got in his mouth, and that he didn’t have to share with anyone.  🙂

He and his brother did, however, share a glass of milk.  Sweet.

Oh, what a super fun day celebrating our big 3 year old guy!  We love you, Blakers, ALL THE TIME!!

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  1. Grandma Betty Bollman says:

    It is so special to be able to come and spend your birthday with you! We love to be part of the festivities! You have changed so much between turning two and turning three. You have grown up so much, are sure of yourself, learned so much, and discovered you can do anything you want to try! I love that you are so happy to turn three and take a step toward being a bigger boy. No more paci, no more diapers, no more crib!! It didn’t happen overnight, but one by one you have dropped each one of those. We are so proud of our THREE YEAR OLD grandson!!