Mallory’s 1st Birthday by Annemarie

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Mallory is ONE!!  We had a super day celebrating her birthday.  Started out with brothers trying to put her birthday crown on for her.

So helpful. 🙂

Birthday girl had no idea what was in store for her!

What is this?  A donut?  Why yes, my darling Mallory.  No sugar until you’re 1, and then….well, after that, there’s just no rules.  Go for it. 🙂

She loved it.  We also ate eggs and bacon and had some OJ, all before getting Burke off to school.

Mallory had quite the exhausting morning so her first nap was quite a good one.  So much so that I was able to sneak in and grab these pics of her sleeping before she even woke up.

We got some takeout lunch and went up to Burke’s school to play on the playground while waiting for him to be finished.  After we came home, it was time for nap #2 and then there were some other things that happened while she slumbered.  Burke helped Pa put together her birthday present.

Then he helped Ma and Mommy make her cupcakes and was convinced to write her a card too.  <3

When she woke up, we took her out to see her present!  Her very own ball pit!  All three of the kids had a blast figuring this thing out!

Gosh, I love my little family.  🙂

It didn’t take this very active little girl very long to figure out how to get in (and out) all by herself.

We played for a little longer and then got to opening her presents.

Of course she had some help from her big brothers.  At least this year she didn’t know any different.

A few of our family from afar joined the party via FaceTime and Skype.

Time for cake.

Go for it, baby girl.  It’s your birthday!


She wasn’t shy.

Loving every bite!

Icing everywhere, but a lot of it right where it belongs!

Oops, Mommy tried to put her crown back on for some cake pics and well, it got a little messy.

We are so lucky to have this little one year old lady in our lives!!

And….she’s pretty darned lucky too!!

We had a wonderful day celebrating this girl!  Happy ONE year, Mallory!!!

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  1. Grandma Betty Bollman says:

    You loved your birthday! Everything was new and about YOU (as it should be)! You were not so sure about your cake. Once you tasted it, you dug right into it and smiled as you ate! Since your birthday is so soon after Christmas you did pretty well tearing open your presents. One of your favorite presents was a tea set that was nice, sturdy and plastic (to repace your breakable china set.) You served us a cup of imaginary tea to pretend with you! You are such a sweet little girl. You have brought a touch of feminine cuteness to the Bollman bunch and we all LOVE you to the moon and back!!