Dear Mallory, by Annemarie

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Dear Mallory,

One whole year of MALLORY and what an amazing year it’s been.  You are such a joy to everyone in our family and we delight in you!!

You love music, and whether it’s coming from the speakers, or one of your toys that sings, as soon as you hear the tunes, you bounce up and down with a smile and show us your dancing.

You like to play hide and seek under the covers with Daddy.  You also love to put things over your head and have us say ‘Where is Mallory?’ and then you pop out and we exclaim ‘There she is!’.  You are so good at this trick.  You got a rocking chair from cousin Loralyn for Christmas (it was hers) and you just love to get in and out of it.  You walk around constantly all day long with toys in your hands.  You are a book lover, and will sit in front of a basket of books, taking each one out one at a time.  We have to be super careful about making sure the lid to the toilets are down because you are like a moth to a flame in that you have your hands playing in that water if you spy an open lid!

You just love to play when we go out.  Whether it’s a playground, the beach (where you eat all the sand), the zoo, Cloud 10 or just at our house, you constantly explore and try all the things that you see the bigger kids doing.

Your first word that we can understand is “Uh oh”.

Baths and showers are your favorite.  The few times that you’ve had the bathtub all to yourself, you are the happiest!!  You love to stomp your feet right outside the shower door to let whoever is in there know that you’re ready for your turn too.

Speaking of Christmas, this was your first one and  you had a blast.  You loved opening your presents, which you mostly got to do all by yourself since the other available helping hands were busy with their own gifts.  We also had a great time ringing in the new year with our great friends in Huntington Beach.

You are quite the fashionista with all of your outfit choices, and you have started to help with getting dressed.  You know where your arms go and get quite a kick out of being a helper with that task.  You like for me to wait for your hands and fingers to appear when we are putting on your footie jimmies at night.

You point, clap and blow kisses.  You like to get down on your hands and feet and do a funny yoga pose as if you’re ready to start a somersault.  You wish that your brothers would play with you more, and share the toys, but we are working on that.

You are eating more these days and your favorite thing right now is hummus with carrots.

Your hair is getting longer and starting to show some curls.  Your blond locks are gorgeous.  You sometimes pull on your hair when you don’t have your lovey when you’re tired. Poor girl, your nails grow so fast and Mommy didn’t get to them quick enough this month, and so you scratched your face so hard that you bled!  It’s healing very slowly and Mommy hopes it isn’t a permanent mark.

You had pink eye this month and that kind of got you a little down.  It was so sad to see you with crusty eyes, and you definitely didn’t like us trying to get you the eye drops.  Once that cleared up, you surprised us this month at your 1 year well visit with a double ear infection. You hadn’t let on that you weren’t feeling well, but once we knew, you showed us a little bit of a grumpy attitude. You failed your hearing test at that appointment, and we also learned you were anemic. What an appointment! You weighed 21 pounds 10 ounces (77%), measured 30 inches tall (80%) and your head was 47cm (94%).  We think you’re 100% perfect, Mallory.

We love watching you learn, grow, and become the little girl that God has planned for you to be.  We are so excited to start another year with you!

We love you, ALL THE TIME, Mallory!!



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  1. Grandma Betty Bollman says:

    This has been an amazing year watching you grow and you have won our hearts! You are so cute, so fun, so smart, so loving, so perfect! I think one of the things I will remember is that you took your first steps in Las Vegas at Christmastime. Also we gave you your first dolly and your reaction was so precious! You squealed and brought her to your open mouth like a big kiss! Then you hugged her and bounced up and down with her in your hug! You make us happy! You have been a special little gift of joy for Ma and Pa!