Dear Mallory, by Annemarie

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Dear Mallory,

You are 10 months old.  That is so close to 12 months.  So close to one year.  Your presence in our family has made this time go by so fast.  We went to the playground park near our house for your 10 month pictures (a little bit late), just you and me, and it was so much fun to hang out with you.  After we were finished at the park, we took a nice long walk around the neighborhood, and you talked the entire time.  I love your little voice and it was such a nice time to be with just you.

You LOVE the swing, and are so happy in it, no matter who is pushing you.  Your brothers like to be part of this too, and you just laugh and giggle and smile.

Your hair is growing, and right after Mommy finally figured out how to make some cute hair bows for you, well, you figured out how to yank them off.  It’s ok, we still keeping trying, and every once in a while, you forget about them and they get to stay up there on your perfect little head.

You love your naptime/bedtime routine and it’s pretty consistent these days with two naps.  You’re awake for about 2-3 hours and then you’re off to sleep again. You have your pacifier, your flat monkey (or bunny) and then you get rocked off to sleep.  You love to sleep on your belly with your blanket covering you.  We’ve gotten out the warm flannel footie jammies and you are so stinking cute in them!  One funny thing that you’re doing is trying to stick your pacifier into our mouths.  You’re a hoot, Mallory!

You are standing all the time now, and scale all the furniture, or anything, to make it all over the room.  You also crack us up when you half stand up and are standing on one of your legs.  You have tried to crawl into the tub, and have tried to also climb up onto the couch.

Every single thing you can get your hands on….whether it is the smallest piece of dropped food, the tiniest fuzz ball found on the floor, the leaves in the backyard, or sticks at the park….goes  You don’t seem to mind the taste, and have really fought back when anyone tries to pry your mouth open to get it out.  You are locked jaw and fussy to have anyone take things away that you want to eat.

You are one tough cookie.  Your brothers have seem to forgotten that you are still a baby, well, at least, still smaller than they are.  You get no special treatment from them when it comes to being part of the wrestling that happens in the house.  You have been pushed down, knocked over, and brought to the ground from an overzealous hug.  The most amazing part of this is that you haven’t cried or screamed about it at all.  You really do seem to love being part of the action.

You are babbling quite a bit, and gosh, do we love your little voice.  You have all sorts of sounds, one of which seems to be a Bollman characteristic….the scream.  You are just as loud as your brothers when you get excited about things and let it out.

You have decided sometimes that waking up early is the best, and so you get to play with your toys in your crib until one of your brothers wakes up too (most of the time, Blake).  I try to get you back to sleep, but it’s not very successful ever, and so you’re happy to do this.

Oh, Mallory, for some reason….maybe it was teething, maybe it was an earache, maybe it was both,  but you decided to go on a nursing strike for two and a half days this month.  It was heartbreaking for Mommy as you pushed, and kicked me, away, and cried, whenever I tried to nurse you.  It was so strange, and I have no idea what it was, but I ended up pumping for that time, and you drank and ate from a bottle just fine.   I prayed, and asked for prayer from family and friends, during this time.  After trying so many things to try to ease or comfort whatever was ailing you, I called Dr Marsha (our chiropractor) and asked her to come visit you.  She was so gracious, and sensed Mommy’s sadness, and came to visit you on a Sunday afternoon.  She said that you had so much going on in your little body (trying to walk, growing, teething, possible earache) that your neurons were just firing like crazy and it had you all out of whack.  She worked her magic, and also turned you upside down to show how twisted your body had become, and wouldn’t you know, as soon as she left, we tried to nurse, and you latched on with no issues, and you’ve been fine ever since.  I definitely don’t take you coming back, or our ability to nurse, for granted, and am so thankful that our journey isn’t over yet.

You love people and it’s so obvious.  You will reach for just about anyone, especially other Dads, and once you’re in their arms, lean into them and give the best hugs.  Your smile is infectious and contagious.  You love your brothers and your grandparents.  We are all so blessed by you, Mallory!

Mommy loves her baby girl so, so much.  All the time.


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