Dear Mallory,

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Dear Mallory, You are 10 months old.  That is so close to 12 months.  So close to one year.  Your presence in our family has made this time go by so fast.  We went to the playground park near our house for your 10 month pictures (a little bit late), just you and me, and […]

Leaf Party 2015

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We got home from our trip and were amazed at how many leaves had fallen while we were gone.  Woohoo!!  Time for Leaf Party 2015.  The first part of this fun happened in the backyard earlier in the day, and we saved the good stuff for after naps.  There were quite a few to rake […]

Dear Blake,

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Dear Blake, Today, you are 1000 days old!  I’ve been anticipating this day for quite some time, but then it all but snuck up on me.  I can remember celebrating this with your brother, and it seemed like it was just a little while ago, and now you’re here.  Two years, and a few days […]