Blake the Baker by Annemarie

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The other day I had a chat with a mom friend about making sure that each of our children has time with us, so that they all feel special in their own right.  Since Burke has been in school, I have definitley had the desire to do something fun with Blake, but if we leave the house, I am usually wearing Mallory and so it’s hard(er) to get down and connect with him.  If we stay home, Mallory will likely sleep during some of that time, and Blake tends to play pretty well by himself, so I’ve used some of this time to get a couple things done around the house.

Well, not today.  After I got back from dropping off Burke, and getting Mallory down for her nap, I came out to ask Blake if he wanted to make some cookies with me.  He got SO excited, and ran immediately to get his apron.

We looked up the recipe and got out all the ingredients.  He was such a great little helper and so attentive to the names of all the things.

Good thing I realized that I had grabbed the Cumin (instead of the Cinnamon) before we started to measure.  Yikes!  He was so cute building this spice tower all on his own accord.

The recipe I used was one I had used from several years ago, but when I pulled it up, the baker girl looked extra familiar to me.  Turns out that she was familiar because she writes for Sakura Bloom, which is my favorite sling!  Love how things get connected sometimes online.

2 and a half cups of flour.

And time to stir it up.

He’s the perfect little egg cracker.  No shells!  So pleased with himself.

Last step was to mix in the pumpkin with the butter and sugar and we were on our way to getting them all on the cookie sheets.

We ended up with three full trays.  The house smelled AMAZING!

Heart full.

Blake took the picture on the left, right after he fell off the stool while he was leaning over with the big girl camera.  I managed to save them both from any damage with my foot, and not drop the bowl in fear of waking the baby.

When we cook, we have to clean up too.  He really liked this part.

Oh my goodness.  Do yourself a favor and make these right away.  Then eat a few while they’re warm.

We didn’t have the cream cheese for the frosting so we had to taste test them plain.

He wanted to go out and share his last bite with Daddy, so we went on the search.

He was about to come inside after a full night of work and so he popped in through the gate for the taste.  Yummy!!

I had so much fun with my little baker buddy and it filled us both up to overflowing.   Thankful for a big brother who was off learning and loving his school and a little sister who took a wonderful morning nap.

3 Responses to “Blake the Baker”

  1. Mom says:

    Blake you are the cutest baker around. You are a joy and it makes me so happy to see you via Mommy’s postings. Love you so much!

  2. Autie says:

    Heart full.

  3. Ma Bollman says:

    Oh my! Those look delicious Blakers and Mommy! I am so happy to hear about and SEE the fun you had together. You had a great baking lesson and now I think you belong to the Bollman Bakers Bunch!! 💗💗