Dear Mallory,

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Dear Mallory, You are 8 months…woohoo!!  You are!!  Mal Gal, you are such a delight in our Bollman Bunch. You continue to teeth and put everything in your mouth.  When you’re not in a carrier, and left to your own devices on the ground, we have to keep an eye on you so closely […]

Weekend in Sacramento to Celebrate Grandpa John’s 95th!

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We had a whirlwind weekend in Sacramento to visit with family and be part of the celebration for Grandpa John’s 95th birthday!  We got in around 1030 on Friday night and so after some rest, and a yummy pancake breakfast, we were off to explore.  Lesley recommended Southside Park near downtown and it was a […]

Blake’s Mommy Co-Op School Pictures

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I was lucky to take some school pictures for the kids in Blake’s class.  They were adorable and so perfectly preschool-ish.

Thursdays are my Favorite

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I remember always loving Wednesday afternoons two years ago.  It was the time when I would have my big girl camera out and be taking Blake’s weekly photos, and Burke would be involved in the process and I’d ultimately end up with some pretty fun photos of the three of us. Well, this year, two […]

Blake’s First Day of Mommy Co-Op Preschool

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Today was a big day for our Blakers and he sure was excited about it, too!  He started his very own first day of Preschool today at a Mommy Co-Op that has 7 other children and their mommies.  All of the mommies will be the teachers.  I am teamed up with Robyn and we will […]

Firestone Picnic :: 2015

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I can’t believe that it’s already been a year since we went to this same picnic with these same people in 2014. I was so glad that someone (not me!) was thinking and alerted us to put it on our calendars (thanks Jen!!!). We got there a little later than everyone else, but they were […]

Blake Graduated!!!

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Blake started meeting with the wonderful ladies from Early Start at the end of last year in order to work on his speech.  When he was first evaluated he qualified based on his lack of verbal communication.  He was extremely skilled in many of the areas, but wasn’t using very many words. He met with […]