Mal Gal :: 29 Weeks by Annemarie

Posted in: Us- Aug 20, 2015 3 Comments

Lil Mal Gal is 29 weeks today, and she’s really starting to shine during our weekly pictures.  At this point, we have more than enough super duper cute pictures when we only need one.  🙂

I just love this gold cross fabric and she looked way too precious on it.  I had to snap a few more pictures….especially since her brothers were inside and occupied and we were alone.

Oh, Mallory, check out those teeth!!

Yeah, clearly, she’s having a horrible time.  Hee hee.

Sweet sitting baby, you are the best.

3 Responses to “Mal Gal :: 29 Weeks”

  1. Autie says:

    The set with the eight, top left…Adorbs!…as my Kiley would say. 🙂

  2. Mom says:

    Love that little girl! Especially sitting up in the last photo on the left. Definitely 2 teeth now. She’s on a roll…

  3. Grandma Betty says:

    Love, Love, Love! She is so good natured and sweet. I love that she makes these funny expressions with a quirk of her lips or a roll of her tongue. She is beautiful and watching her grow is what being a Grandma is all about! I just want to squeeze her RIGHT NOW!!!!