Dear Mallory, by Annemarie

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Dear Mallory,

You are SEVEN months and SO.MUCH.FUN.  You are FULL of smiles and anyone that meets you asks if you might just be the happiest baby ever. Well, I think you might just be.  The only time you’re not really just a ball full of giggles is if you happen to wake up and Mommy isn’t there, or if someone else is trying to get you to sleep.  Besides that, you are just happy, happy, happy.

You still are taking between 3 and 4 naps a day, depending on when you wake up – sometimes in the 6am hour, and sometimes closer to 730am.  You always wake up happy and love to crawl around on Mommy and Daddy in bed.  While you start out in your crib after first going to bed, after you wake up and Mommy is already in the room, you come and stay with us.  You nurse in the nighttime, but I’m not really sure how much or how many times as I just don’t keep track.

You are typically awake for about 2-3 hours before you are ready to go back to sleep.  If you’re being held, in a sling, rocked or nursed, you tend to go back into your sweet slumber without much hassle.  I am so grateful that we are still in this phase.  I can’t remember when that might start to get a little less predicable, but for right now, Mommy loves it.  You love to be laid on your tummy in your crib once you’re out.  And it seems that all the Bollman babies have “their” thing when it comes to falling asleep, and yours is being able to grab onto something.  If we aren’t holding a soft small stuffed animal or similar, then it’s whatever you can grasp….my hair, my necklace, my shirt.  It’s much nicer to just remember to have that “thing” available for you.  Your favorite happens to be Burke’s flat monkey that he got when he was a baby and it is perfect.

You, well, Mommy, has also discovered teething necklaces, and they’re your favorite.  If someone is holding you, you’re likely handed over with a necklace too.  You just have really taken to sucking and chewing on them, and they’re pretty too, so that’s a nice bonus.  You did pop out your second tooth this month and so you’re sporting your two bottom front teeth.

You are getting faster with your crawling each day and are enjoying doing some exploring around the house.  You are really starting to actually play too, and while it’s easier to do with just Blake around (your biggest brother has yet to figure out the appropriate distance to play), you are happy to be with anyone, or even by yourself.  You really dig getting into the kitchen toys, pulling down the pots and pans, banging them, sticking them in your mouth, and also checking out all the (fake) food in the bin too.

Being able to crawl now hasn’t kept you occupied for too long, as now you pop up on your legs and pull up on just about anything within a second. You have started to realize that you can take that one step further and scoot along, but it’s not your method of travel just yet.

You babble, blow raspberries, make cooing sounds, spitting sounds, and say mamamama.  You laugh and grunt too.  You kind of stick everything in your mouth right now, which is not surprising.

Your eyes, while still blue, might be turning a little bit different color….maybe a touch of gray in there?  Not sure, but they are big and they are beautiful and so expressive.

We just adore you so very much, and get such a kick out of seeing you do new things.

I love you, ALL THE TIME, Mallory.


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