Burke’s First Day of {Room Two} Preschool

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It was Burke’s second ever First Day of School today.  He started Room Two at Providence, which is the 4 and 5 year olds.  We didn’t get in bed as early as we’d planned last night so this morning when I popped in at 7am, he wasn’t ready to get out of bed just quite […]

Dear Mallory,

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Dear Mallory, You are SEVEN months and SO.MUCH.FUN.  You are FULL of smiles and anyone that meets you asks if you might just be the happiest baby ever. Well, I think you might just be.  The only time you’re not really just a ball full of giggles is if you happen to wake up and […]

Backyard Antics

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Went out in the backyard with Remi this afternoon to take Mallory’s 30 week picture (a day late) and before we even got started, Blake was laying down on the fabric expecting his picture to be taken.  Then Burke was on his way over, and we had to make room for baby sister.  She looked […]

Brotherly Competition

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The other night we were in the backyard and the boys were fighting over who’s turn it was on the Plasma Car.  For some reason, this particular toy has gained popularity with the boys, maybe since they’ve both gotten the hang of it and got themselves going pretty fast on them.  Well, I had more […]

Homegroup Camping :: Lake Casitas :: August 2015

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We went camping with our Homegroup and had a blast.  Here is a link to all the pictures: http://thebollmans.pass.us/hgcamping2015.

Mal Gal :: 29 Weeks

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Lil Mal Gal is 29 weeks today, and she’s really starting to shine during our weekly pictures.  At this point, we have more than enough super duper cute pictures when we only need one.  🙂 I just love this gold cross fabric and she looked way too precious on it.  I had to snap a […]

Summer Afternoon in SB

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It’s summer in Santa Barbara and that means that in the afternoons it’s so hot inside that the only way to beat the heat (as in 80+ degrees in the house) is to get outside.  There was a breeze coming from the front, and so after everyone woke up from naps, we took the big […]

Golf n’ Stuff

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Brett took off work today since we didn’t really get to do much vacationing when we were on our trip, and we headed down to Ventura to Golf n’ Stuff (to use the gift certificates that Burke and Brett got for their birthdays from the Lamars). The boys all dressed in their best “golf attire” […]