Ma & Loralyn Surprise Visit :: June 2015 by Annemarie

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Ma texted me on Thursday afternoon asking if she and Loralyn could come in for the weekend as a surprise.  I thought that was great, so they made their way that night and snuck in sometime after 9pm.  When the boys woke up, we told them there was a surprise in Emmy’s room.

They sure were excited to see Ma and Loralyn!!

The boys have a great time with their cousin.

Friday morning they attended Burke’s End of Year Preschool performance with me and Brett.

Blake got a little more attached to Ma’s phone during the visit.  He learned how to say “Ma phone” in the cutest voice that made it super hard for Ma to resist.  🙂  I don’t blame her.

While Blake napped, I took Loralyn and Burke to the park where they scootered and played.  Mallory and I were able to lay down and hang out on the blanket in the shade, and that was amazing.

Back at the house afterwards, all of the kids had fun getting in on the action of taking Mallory’s weekly picture.

There’s plenty of room on the couch for Ma and all her grandkids.

Loralyn was so happy to be holding her baby cousin.

In the mornings everyone piled into bed with LL and Ma.


We had to have a beach morning.  We had the whole beach to ourselves while we were there.

Mallory was a gem, and slept the entire time after we got all setup.

Oh, Blakers…his diaper got soaked after a huge splash, and so it came off. He was SOOOO stinking happy to be free!!

These two blondies.

Popsicles after dinner is always a good idea, right?

Yay for Bollman Family Meeting for me and Brett since Ma was here and could stay with the little ones.

We headed to the zoo on Monday and Mallory was so cute all sleepy in her stroller seat.

Our picnic was wonderful on the big quilt and the kids looked so cute under one of the huge trees.

Ma and Loralyn had to head home on Tuesday morning.  We had such a great time with them visiting!

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  1. "Ma" Betty says:

    It was a wonderful sojourn away from the desert! Taking a trip with LL was so fun and special! I hope someday to take each of the kids on a little trip just the two of us! Getting the cousins together was great as they don’t get to see each other as often as Ma and Pa. We always do such fun things together when in S. B. Annemarie is such a “goer”, she fills our visits with lots to do! We got to see Mallory growing up so fast. LL and I LOVED THAT.
    I need to get a special picture with my daughter-in-law next time we are together! I love her to pieces!!!