Burke’s {first} Last Day of School by Annemarie

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Today was Burke’s first Last Day of School.  The last 9 months have flown by, which seems to be true for anyone who has children who are in school.  I am seriously in shock that his first year is over already as I can clearly recall the first day, and almost every Tuesday and Thursday drop off since then.

I thought it fun to document the last day of school, just like we did the first.  This big four year old can pour his own cereal and the milk (when there isn’t a full carton).  He was excited to use the new orange bowls this morning too for the first time.

Blake was there for the first day, but there is a new person in the kitchen for breakfasts since that day in September.

It is crazy to see how worn the backpack is after being used just one year and only for a water bottle and lunch, most of the time.  Wonder what kind he’ll want for next year.

Starting tomorrow, I guess the boys can sleep in on every day.  I am so surprised that we ended up making it to school every time before the 830am start time.  Granted, it absolutely helped that we live 1.5 minutes from school.  There were definitely times where “let’s get going or we’re going to be late and have to go to Miss Caitlyn’s office!” were said more than once!

Krista asked me this week if I was going to make a sign for the last day like I had for the first.  I am glad she did, because this was fun.  Burke wasn’t as keen to take as many pictures this time but we still got a few for our comparisons.

The classroom was such a wonderful place for the kids to be.  It was filled with fun, wonderful friends, and the best teachers.

Their very last circle time.

Oh, these faces.  We are going to miss them this summer.  So happy that so many of our friends will be joining him again for class next year.

Burke loves his teachers.  His first ever teachers.  Miss Silvia and Miss Sandra were such blessings to Burke this year.  Being patient and kind, even on the days that he was a (self proclaimed) “bully goat” or not so sweet and gentle with his friends.  I love that Providence is teaching him God’s love through these lovely women.

Beck and Burke made it through their first year together as best buds.  So thankful for this little dude (and his family).

Just a few more.  Love this silly guy, his school, and the community that we are part of by being at Providence.

Just a few comparisons from the first to the last day.  I don’t think he looks that different, but he definitely lost a little bit of the baby in his face, and his brain got a LOT bigger.  Looking forward to filling the next few months together with all three of my kids with so much fun.  Until next year…

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  1. Grandma Betty says:

    He really has learned and grown a lot! I can see the baby face has disappeared! I am glad he loved school and his friends. What a great start on a long and eventful journey!!