Dear Mallory,

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Dear Mallory, It’s been FIVE months since you were born.  It seems like it’s gone by so quick and that your birth was so long ago.  You are loved and enjoyed so much each and every day. You reached some major milestones this month and you are not slowing down.  You started to roll last […]

Summer = Fun Times with Lots of Friends

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It is SUMMER….and that means that there is no school, and we are down to just one day a week for Blake’s speech therapy.  That also means that we have 4 days to get out of the house and meet up and play with our friends.  We did that this week and had a blast. […]

Father’s Day 2015

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When I woke up this morning and saw Burke, I told him to go in and say “Happy Father’s Day” to Daddy, and his reply was, “I already did”.  I asked him how he knew to do that, and he said that Emmy had already helped him make a card.  🙂  So thankful for Aunt […]

The Little Pink Dress

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When my parents came to visit in March, my Mom brought the famous pink dress.  I say “famous” because it’s been around since I wore it at 4.5 months old, and every little girl in our family has worn it around the same time since then. So, it just turned out that Mallory would be […]

Beach Pizza Picnic

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I knew that I wanted to get to the beach for one of the days when my parents were here, but since Burke was in VBS in the morning, it was an afternoon/evening that worked.  I didn’t feel like making dinner to take, so I called in for a few pizzas, and Brett picked them […]

Blueberries & Firestone Picnic

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Since today was the only full day that we would be able to spend with ALL of us together, we decided to go have ourselves a fun adventure.  Blueberry picking it was!!  We loaded in and headed out to Santa Barbara Blueberries in Gaviota.  It was a beautiful day.  Sun shining, but not too hot. […]

Ma & Loralyn Surprise Visit :: June 2015

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Ma texted me on Thursday afternoon asking if she and Loralyn could come in for the weekend as a surprise.  I thought that was great, so they made their way that night and snuck in sometime after 9pm.  When the boys woke up, we told them there was a surprise in Emmy’s room. They sure […]

Burke’s {first} Last Day of School

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Today was Burke’s first Last Day of School.  The last 9 months have flown by, which seems to be true for anyone who has children who are in school.  I am seriously in shock that his first year is over already as I can clearly recall the first day, and almost every Tuesday and Thursday drop […]