Dear Mallory, by Annemarie

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Dear Mallory,

Four whole months have gone by, and you’re not really such a newborn anymore….you’re a full fledged baby.  You are the sweetest little joy and we just love you so much!

At your 4 month appointment, you weighed 15 pounds 2 ounces and measured 24.75 inches.  This is the 75% percentile for both stats.  Your sweet noggin is still 90%.  🙂  You also had your first vaccine shot and only winced for about 3 seconds and then you were totally unaffected.  I am so thankful that you are so brave.

You are a CHAMP at tummy time and will sit there for a super long time, just looking around at all there is to offer you.  Just a day shy of your 17 weeks, you decided it was time for you to figure out how to get to that “belly time”, as Burke calls it, all on your own.  It was incredible to watch you so effortlessly roll over to your front, pull your arms out, and look around so proud.  Well, you’re right about that….we are proud.  We hooted and hollered and celebrated your accomplishment.  About 15 seconds later you started to throw yourself forward with your legs.  You even got them a little scrunched up with a little bit of height.  I don’t know who is telling you to do all of these things, and so quickly, but you can tell them that your mamma said it’s not ok, and you need to slow down.  One thing at a time little lady.

A day after you turned 3 months old, your clothes started to feel just a little bit too snug.  I cannot believe it that your wardrobe is now completely consisting of clothes that say 6 Months on the tag.  It was time, however, since you had already worn all of our cute outfits, for them to be swapped with the next size.  Girl, you have SO.MANY.CLOTHES.  They are all super adorable and I do love putting you in things that make you look so pretty.  Every single color is yours right now.  Lucky lady.  🙂

You gave us all a surprise when, on your Daddy’s 36th birthday, you had your first laugh!! You were sitting with Pa, and he really had you going. We all got close to see it and you were shocked by the audience.  Since then, you’ve been a little bit more generous with your giggles and yours is such a sweet laugh.  If we make funny noises that are imitations of your growls, or get in real close, or bounce you under your back when you’re lying in your crib, these are all things that warrant your laughs.

You have also started to “play” with some toys.  Your OBall is a favorite as you can grab it pretty easily.  You also have liked grabbing for the animals that hang from the playmat.  Your brothers have started to show you some of their toys, explaining who they are and such.  I am not quite sure how they’ll react once you start to grab for those too.

You are so wiggly and your little legs don’t want to stay still.  This is a tad problem when you are trying to fall asleep and they don’t stop.  You are still a good sleeper, being able to fall into, and wake up super happy, whether your slumbers are short or long.  You’re taking between 2 and 3 naps a day.  A few weeks back you stayed up between your last wakeup around 5pm, until 730-ish, and were happy the entire time.  It was when I was nursing you that night and you fell asleep super easy, that I realized you had skipped your regular last nap of the day.  You’ve done it now every night since then and it’s made putting you to sleep super simple.  You love to sleep on your tummy and I’ve started to put my hand on your cheek when I lay you down.  Taking it away, having it be the last part of me that touches you, is bittersweet.  I wish I could crawl in your crib and snuggle with you each time.  You still come back in bed with me when you wake up around midnight to 2am, but then a few times you have just wriggled until 6am when we nurse again.  I feel bad that you don’t get back to sleep, so a few times I have put you back to sleep in your crib so you can be well rested.  You get to come back to me when you wake up again in the morning.  These are such sweet times.  You are the happiest baby, and your coos are so beautiful.  You sit there with us, smiling and talking.  When your brothers wake up, the first thing they do is run in to see you.  You get the most cuddles out of anyone in the family.

About the only times you are upset, or crying, are in the van.  Oh, Mallory, it makes me so sad that you are not a lover of your car seat like your brothers seemed to be….especially since we have your first cross country road trip coming up soon.  It seems like it’s hard for you to fall asleep when you’re in your seat, and stay asleep.  I sure hope that this remedies itself before we go on that drive.  I seriously wish that we could just put you in a carrier and travel that way.  So much easier.

I can’t believe that you’re growing up this fast, but it has been such a joy for all of us.  We love that each and every day you get a little bit bigger.  Soon you’ll be joining us at the table for dinner and doing so much more.  I’ll soak up all the little baby days while they’re here.  Mallory, you are a dream daughter.  I love you so much!!

I love you ALL THE TIME little girl.


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  1. Grandma Betty says:

    She is so adorable I just want to squeeze her!! I love her wrinkled brow as she takes in all there is to learn and see. She has those big round blue eyes and looks so interested in everything!! Mallory you have won everyone’s heart and especially your Ma’s!! You are getting big so fast that I agree with your mom. You need to slow down just a bit so we can savor all these delicious moments of your babyhood!!! Love you, Ma