Balboa Island & A Duffy Boat by Annemarie

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We put the weekend on the calendar and were so excited to spend some time with the O’Neils.  It’s been a year since they moved from right around the corner, and we were in some need of some quality time.  After it taking 4.5 hours for a 2 hour drive, we made it to their new place on Friday night in time for dinner.  As usual, Dayna made us a yummy dinner.  The kids ran around and had a blast trying out every toy…and the bunk bed.  The boys stayed in the girls’ room and Burke LOVED sleeping on the top bunk.

Saturday morning we were treated to scrambled eggs and cinnamon rolls, just like we used to do back in SB.  Afterwards, the kids were playing and we were all sitting around trying to decide if we would just hang out at the house and relax, or have ourselves an adventure.  After just a little bit of going back and forth, we got ourselves ready and out the door headed to Balboa Island.

We drove around the darling downtown, parked and walked through the beautiful vacation rentals neighborhood, to where the ferry took us across the harbor to Balboa Island.

First stop for the boys and the kids was the ferris wheel, toting the “longest ferris wheel ride on earth”.  They all loved it and had smiles the whole time.

So happy to get these kids together again.  No, we didn’t plan their outfits to be matching.

When we were thinking about where we should grab a bite and park our crew for lunch, Brett and Dave had the idea to rent a duffy boat.  It didn’t take us long to all agree that would be super fun and spontaneous!  We grabbed a few sandwiches and boarded Amperial Cruiser.

The kids were told that they had to put on life jackets….and well, someone was NOT happy about that.  At all.  Blake just kept screaming “Off.  Off.  Off.”.

During all of this commotion, Brett was getting a quick lesson on how to drive the boat.  Then, we were off….and so were the life jackets.  And ahhhh, the screaming stopped.  Time for lunch. 🙂

Such a fun time!!  We enjoyed our lunches, the water, and most of all the company.

Dayna said they hadn’t had a family picture taken since they moved.  I kind of believe them.  🙂  I needed an updated one for our screensaver.  Love this family.

It’s so fun to see these girls grow up and how they interact with their Mom.  Makes me excited for future times with Mallory.

We’re on a boat! 🙂

Thankful for Uncle Dave to help Blakers touch the water….and not drop him in.  🙂

The woman at the counter handed me this jacket for Mallory and told me she had to wear it the entire time.  Well, she at least tried it on for a cute picture.  That counts, right?

We spent the afternoon celebrating Ethan’s birthday at his party, and then playing games that night.

We went to hang out on Sunday morning with the Tarrs.  I can’t believe that in 4 short years we have SIX kids between us.

Oh, we’ve come so far since our birthing class so long ago.  🙂

It was such a fun weekend to be with our sweet friends.  Can’t wait until we get to do it again.  <3

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  1. Grandma Betty says:

    What a great weekend! It was good to see their families and how the kids have grown. I can’t believe you didn’t keep life jackets on all those kiddies. They should have had smaller sizes for them so they weren’t so obnoxious. Oh well, all turned out well!! Looked like a super fun day even down to the game! The Tarrs have the same blue eyed-brown eyed thing going on with their kiddos. So fun!!