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Earlier this month, Mallory and I went on a post-boys-bedtime Target and Ventura Mall run with Emily.  We thought about it at the last minute, and as soon as all the boys were tucked in, Brett included, the girls skipped out of the house and headed down the 101.  Mallory slept the whole ride there, and then the entire time in the carrier while we shopped in as many stores as we could before they closed.  One of the places I scored during this whirlwind shopping spree was Old Navy with getting the kids some new spring clothes for Easter.

I loved what I picked out for them so much, and figured it was kind of silly to get them stuff that would just be for Easter and one day at church, so I figured since I had been already wanting to get some updated family pictures with Mallory, that we would wear them for those too.

So, we all got ourselves dressed and ready, and Aunt Emmy was up for the challenge…again.  I gotta say, while I absolutely LOVE the end result, and having some fun pictures of my family, going through this process these days brings out the worst in me!  It seems that I have these (very unrealistic) expectations that my boys will do exactly what I want them to do, and yeah, well, that doesn’t really happen, and then I just get so frustrated and fed up that I want to give up.

But, somehow, Emily was still able to do what she does so well, and get some really fantastic images of our family that I will treasure forever.

For example, this super sweet picture of the boys was during a time when they were running away from us, and refusing to come back.  They just wanted to climb on the rails and play.  I mean, who can blame them, that would be totally fun and awesome…any other time.  Anyways, I love that she caught them from a distance being who they are.  My little rascals.  We’ll have to go back there soon so they can finish what they started.

Side note…how in the world do I almost have a FOUR year old???  This cutie’s birthday is in two weeks.  What??

I look at this picture and really have to pinch myself that there are FIVE people in it.  Holy crap!  We have 3 kids.  And even though the big ones make me yell and scream more than I would like, they melt my mamma heart just as much as they drive me crazy.  I am so incredibly lucky to call them my sons and to be their Mommy.

All of our kids love their Daddy so much.

I am so glad that God knows better than I do, because I wouldn’t have ever thought of myself as a girl mom.  I always said that if He wanted me to have a daughter, then He would give us one.  I am SO thankful for Mallory and that she’s part of our family.  And, I mean, come on, look at that little flower bow.  Who would have thought it???


These make me laugh. Mallory has her work cut out for her as little sister with these two.

Awww, my Blakers.  Love this boy and his “happy face”.

Burke adores his little sister so much.  I love this picture of him kissing her head….and then not just a few images later, he’s trying to eat her feet.

I have loved wearing my babies each time, but wearing Mallory has been such a different experience for me than with the boys.  Sometime after Blake was bigger, I discovered the sling ring.  I got myself one before she was born and couldn’t wait to try it out.  It’s been my favorite carrier out of all the ones I’ve used.  I love that she’s so close, and that it’s so easy for me to put on, even if she’s already half sleeping, and that she spends so much time right up so close to me.  Most moms would think I am absolutely nuts, but just this morning I had put Mallory in her crib while I was doing a few things around our room, and noticed that she was almost completely asleep, and had done it all by herself.  I sat there and watched her for a minute, and when she was almost completely out, I picked her up and put her on.  Crazy, right?  Yes, but I just wanted to keep her close and didn’t want to miss that chance.  She snoozed peacefully right on me, and when she woke up, I was the first person she saw.

All the heart eyes!

At this point, Mallory was over it and had fallen asleep, and the cooperation effect of the promised ice cream treat had pretty much worn off with the boys.  They were done, and running all around the grass.  I couldn’t believe that there were any shots even close to normal with as crazy as the boys were being during our time at the park, but, pleasantly surprised once again.

But, as previously mentioned, it was not without some major craziness….Burke has started to make the silliest faces, and the boys mess with each other all the time.  Then, there’s Burke (still) obsession with my (and his) hair, and the picture on the right was captured right in the middle of me scolding him for grabbing mine.  Oh, family of mine, I love you so.  🙂

And to end, here’s the one I love the most.  We will be celebrating five years of marriage this coming July.  We still have many days where we are in awe of our lives…our family, our kids, that we even know each other at all.  Us meeting was definitely a miracle, and one that started our amazing journey.  He keeps me laughing, even when I don’t want to be.

Thank you once again, Emily, for making us look so good…and for putting up with all our shenanigans!!  We love you!!

3 Responses to “The Bollmans :: Family of Five”

  1. Mom says:

    Wow! I’m complete blown away with tears of joy and happiness welling in my eyes. Your comments amazingly bring back memories of the same feelings I had at the time you and your sisters were this age. Love your family so much.

  2. Autie says:

    Beautiful pictures and written words. Love you all so much!!

  3. Mom Bollman says:

    What wonderful pictures! They reflect you all perfectly! Perfect pictures aren’t real, but these are real and that makes them perfect! You put together the colors so well, and I am so thankful to Em for doing such a great job of catching your expressions, your love, and your joy! These are just beautiful!!