Burke’s Birthday Celebration at School

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Burke was so excited to celebrate his turning FOUR with his friends at school.  I got up there right after playground time with a special snack for him and his friends to share. They were sitting on the benches outside the classroom waiting to be called back in.  I love these kids and their smiles. […]

Dear Mallory,

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Dear Mallory, Three months. A full quarter of a year has already gone by. We are all so enamored and in love with you, our little girl. You’ve grown so much. At your 3 month appointment you were 13 pounds 6 ounces (50th percentile) and 24 inches (75th percentile). You have really come into your […]

Pebble 2015

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We planned this trip a LONG time ago, but with a LOT of kids between us all, and a lot of arranging with childcare that needed to happen, it was necessary if we actually wanted to make the trip a priority.  And well, we did it!! Ma and Pa came in to stay with Burke […]

The Bollmans :: Family of Five

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Earlier this month, Mallory and I went on a post-boys-bedtime Target and Ventura Mall run with Emily.  We thought about it at the last minute, and as soon as all the boys were tucked in, Brett included, the girls skipped out of the house and headed down the 101.  Mallory slept the whole ride there, […]

National Sibling Day

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The Bollman Siblings.  Happy day. 🙂

Our Friday on Good Friday

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It’s the last day of Spring Break (for Burke) and it’s been a pretty rough one at the Bollman household.  It’s so hard for me to go places with all three of the kids.  Since most places that we would go that are outside are not in closed spaces, and Burke and Blake usually run in opposite […]