Fun with MY Three by Annemarie

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Mallory is already SIX weeks old….I am not entirely sure how that happened…but it did.  Whoa.  Today was the day of the week that I was to snap her 6 week old photo for my weekly photo project.  I grabbed one of my fabrics and headed out to the backyard with all three kiddos, and Remi.  She’s been here for quite a few of our Thursdays so she knows the drill and is super helpful in trying to get a newborn to look at the camera….which is quite a feat I do say.

Well, just as when we did this with Blake, Burke wants to be involved, and mostly that means that he wants to be cuddling with baby.  He is seriously SO stinking lovable with Mallory and it’s adorable.  So, we indulged after we got our shot.  What a lover!!!

Well, after Remi left, I took a closer look and the pics just weren’t that great of Mallory, and the fabric was blah…so I went back and got another one and we had round two.  Mallory was pretty alert for this round and we got a few cute ones.  Love this cheery pattern too…one day I’ll turn it into something cute for her!

After we were finished, the boys still were interested in getting in there, and so I decided to have some fun, and get an updated picture of one of my favorites from two years ago….Mommy with ALL of my littles.  I just adore this picture.  So crazy looking back on this day and knowing that they’ve all grown up so much since then.

My blue BLUE eyed babes.

Me and my girl.  🙂

Burke still loves to take pictures with the big girl camera, and I’d say that his skills have definitely improved.  He got these two shots of me and Mallory.

He also took this picture of the big blue ball.  I mean, it’s just a picture of a ball, but I think he did a good job.  It’s in focus, great composition.  He was so proud of it.  Such a fun cute kid.

Nana and Papa Sneed came in while we were wrapping up, and I had to get a picture of Nana with Mallory.  I tried my hardest to get all three of them to get in there, but it didn’t happen.

Since the time change this past weekend, we can be outside after Blake’s naps, and I’m really looking forward to many, many, more fun afternoons in our backyard hanging out with my three people. <3

2 Responses to “Fun with MY Three”

  1. Mom says:

    What a fun week we had with you and the family. (uh, the 1500 piece puzzle was a bit nerveracking though) Love y’all…

  2. Mom Bollman says:

    I loved alll those pictures, but you should have included one of you and Blake, the brown eyed cuties! Love the fact that Burke loves to cuddle with Mallory. I hope he always has that sweet affection for his little sis!