Dear Mallory, by Annemarie

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Dear Mallory,

It has been the most amazing TWO months with you in our family.

You are growing up so quickly!  At your 6 week appointment, you had already gained two pounds since your last one, and weighed in at 10 pounds 8 ounces.  You grew in height too and were measured at 22.5 inches.  Your head is 39mm.  While it’s hard for us to tell from day to day, when people don’t see you for a week or so, they can definitely tell.  The only way I can really notice is that the same clothes that were big on you just a few weeks ago,  are now fitting pretty well, and some of them are even a little tight when you stretch out your legs!

Daddy comments quite a bit that he thinks that I am having way too much fun dressing you, because, from time to time, when you’re in something super cute, I can’t help but show you off to him.  We have some pretty darling outfits from friends that you look adorable in, and I must admit it IS fun to see you looking all cute dressed up.  When we go “out”, you know, to MOPS or The Gathering, you do wear your best.   🙂

I have loved wearing you in my new (Sakura Bloom) ring sling.  I spotted one of these a long time ago and was jonesing to get one as soon as we found out we were expecting you.  I ordered it a few weeks before you were born, and have really gotten used to using it, and it’s my go to carrier for us.  You really love it too, and tend to fall asleep right after you get comfortable – they call it Sakura Bloom sleepy dust.  🙂

We have had so many people as part of our “village” in the short few weeks since you were born.  Ma and Pa were with us here for 2 and a half weeks, we went to Las Vegas to meet your Aunt Autumn and family, then when we came back, Nana and Papa Sneed came to visit us for a week.  Aunt Emmy has been here with us since day one, and our wonderful friend/babysitter Remi has loved on you too every week.  We have had so many of our friends in the community cook us meals, help with getting us around town, and overall make the transition from four to five so doable.

We packed up the co-sleeper and decided to go ahead and setup the crib in our room.  We set it up at the highest point and you look so cute and tiny on that big mattress.  You started to take some naps in there, and some of them have been pretty epic.  You sleep on your tummy, which lets you sleep some deep sleep sessions, and you love it.  Lately, you’ve been going to sleep at night and sleeping past midnight which is quite lovely.  I get you up to nurse, and then you sleep the rest of the night right next to me.

You’ve started to show us some smiles and give us some coos, and it’s wonderful.  Your “a goo” is the cutest sound, and when you do it, your lips curl up.  One other thing that I’ve noticed that you do is that when you open your eyes up really big, sometimes, only one of your eyebrows will raise.  I am pretty sure you have done it on both sides, but it’s fun to see something that like on your little face.  You sneeze a lot too, and when you do, both your hands raise up and you almost hit yourself in the head.

You’ve discovered your hands and started to move them around in little fists.  I love this phase and it’s so fun for you to watch them.  You also have begun dancing and moving your legs around sometimes when you are laying on your back.  You’ve had a few more times where you’re awake and happy, although, most of the time you’re happiest in Mommy or Daddy’s arms.

Your brothers are loving you more and more each and every day.  Burke comes to see you first thing when he gets out of bed, and so many times, he will lay right down next to your head, and ask me if I want to take a picture.  We will have quite a few of those to share with you when you’re older.  He also loves to take pictures OF you, and wants to share things and show you things.  I hope that he’s as enamored with you when you start to move and take his things.

Mommy and Daddy are doing our best to be sure that your brothers are only sweet to you, although you get more than your needed share of touches to the face, mouth, eyes, and anywhere else their grubby little hands feel like going.  They both like to come in and get up on the side of your crib to check you out when you’re in there.  Blake will run in and say (shout) “baby baby baby” and make sure you are there.  Burke wants to grab your arm and shake it, and try to pick you up too.

You are so loved, Miss Mallory, and we are all so happy that you’re part of our family.


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  1. Grandma Betty says:

    What can I say? You are so very precious, a blessing, beautiful, fun, unique, and a gift to all of us. We love you too Mallory! I can’t wait to come hold you again! It won’t be too long now! 🙂