Dear Blake, by Annemarie

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Dear Blake,

Whoa, the last month seems like it flew by. You’re 22 months old now….2 months away from being TWO. Can you believe it? I sure can’t.

You are such a big boy now, and you just want to keep doing things that bigger boys do all the time. One transition that you, and your brother, have made is that you now eat breakfast, and sometimes lunch too, at the counter. I am not sure when you started to show interest in doing this, but now it’s routine for you both. You also can get up to the counter all by yourself. I had to tell you, just once, to pull out your stool before you tried to climb it so you’d have enough space to get to your bottom, and now that’s what you do. You and Burke come out for breakfast, sometimes get the cereal that you want (your favorite is Corn Chex), climb up on your stools, we pour the cereal, you say “bobo” for bowl, “poo” for spoon, and then “mmm” for milk, and we are all set. You are a master at eating it all up, and when you spill some milk on yourself, the floor or the counter, you say “uh oh” and then “na na” for a napkin to clean up your mess.

Your sounds and noises are the way you communicate with us mostly, and we are all working on, and anxious for you to use, words. We know what most of your noises mean, which is helpful, but we are so excited that you are qualified and will be having two sweet ladies, Mona and JoDee, come to visit with us weekly to assist in getting you where you need to be. You get super frustrated with everything when you are trying to communicate something to us and we are at a loss by what you mean. You understand every single thing we say, we just want to help you be able to say the same for all of us.

One of your cute sounds is when we ask you about “night night” or “sleepy”, you rest your head on your hand, and then make a snoring noise. You’re so cute. You are a great sleeper these days and we know how lucky we are as parents to be able to say that. You’re pretty predictable in that after our bedtime routine : brush teeth, jammies, story, sound machine, lights off, and night night prayers, you lay down, wait for Daddy to do “feet, legs, bottom, back, head”, and then Mommy to come over and say night night too, you lay down, we close the door, and we don’t hear a peep from you until the morning. You are your brother sleep so well together and it makes Mommy so happy that you two share a room.

You have started to notice boo-boos more, and if you hurt yourself, you say “owww” and request a kiss on the spot. You also seek them out on other people, and you give your own kisses to those boo-boos for comfort as well. You have even been spotted on occasion giving yourself a kiss on a boo-boo to make it all better.

Blake, you are a rockstar at the sticker books. You love to look through them, but you are a whiz at finding the right stickers and putting them where they go. Some of the books are more obvious than others, like the bigger Pixar characters, but you are also so good at the ones that are just an outline and the shape. You will point out on that hasn’t been done, like the monster truck, and then search for it, find it, let us know which one, and then put it in it’s spot. I always have to double check you as I can’t remember the shape from one second to the next, but you’re ALWAYS right. It’s incredible and you get such a kick out of it too!

You have made your Daddy the happiest ever as you’re now saying “dada”, and you mean it! You know it’s him, and you say it to him, about him, to call him, etc. You also now confidently say “mama” in the right context too. Both sounds are the cutest ever and they make us smile so big!

When Daddy comes home from work, you and your brother hear the key in the lock, and will either say “hide hide” and do your best to keep yourself hidden so Daddy has to find you, or run right up to him with the biggest smile on your face and give him a huge hug and kiss. The smile that this puts on Daddy’s face is priceless, and I hope you are always that excited to jump into your Daddy’s arms. I get to experience a similar reaction when picking you up from childcare at Gathering or MOPS, where you sure do have a great time with your friends and teachers. You love to play and that makes Mommy so happy too!

We love you so much, Blakers.


3 Responses to “Dear Blake,”

  1. Mom/Nana says:

    Love all the photos. Blake’s personality is coming out more and more. That dark blue is definitely his color. Love you so much,Blake. Looking forward to some good times this Christmas with you and your brother, Mama, and Dada.

  2. Mom Bollman says:

    Dearest Blake,

    Your smile and those dark eyes make you so expressive! These pictures show how much fun you can be all by yourself. You are a teaser, a thinker, and braver than you should be for your age!! You are willing to try anything your brother or friends do even though they are older. I am so excited that you are so smart and learning so much – so quickly. The future is going to be so interesting watching you continue to grow and to begin talking. Pa and Ma love you SOOOOOOOO much!! Soon you’ll be two. WOW!

  3. Autie says:

    Love our Blake!