Kiwi Crate-ing with Burke

Posted in: Us- Sep 29, 2014 1 Comment

Since Burke stopped napping a few months ago, I have been struggling on ideas on what to do with him during this 3 hour stint.  I’d seen that my friend Sarah had done the kiwi crate box with her son, so I thought that it might be a nice idea to give it a try. […]

A Quilt for Burke

Posted in: Us- Sep 12, 2014 1 Comment

I started this quilt quite a while ago, and while it was laying on the floor in my sewing room one afternoon, Burke spotted it.  He said that he liked it, and asked if it was for him.  I truly wasn’t sure what I was going to do with this quilt, but when he got […]

I made a bimaa!

Posted in: Us- Sep 08, 2014 2 Comments

I’ve had my eye on this adorable bimaa sweater pattern for quite some time, and the other day, I decided that I would just go for it.  So, I purchased the pattern, printed it all out, taped it together, and last night, got started on cutting. I decided that since I didn’t really know what […]

Dear Blake,

Posted in: Us- Sep 06, 2014 2 Comments

Dear Blake, 19 months….whoa, that has gone by fast!  You are at such a super fun age right now and Mommy is really enjoying everything new that you are doing each day.  Starting this month there are two days that it’s just you and me, while Burke is in school.  This will be at least […]

Four Years

Posted in: Us- Sep 05, 2014 3 Comments

I didn’t realize until we got home tonight, but this week it’s been four years since our first “dinner group”.  Alex is the one that got us all together with the intention of sharing life together as young newlyweds.  September 2, 2010.  I remember this was the night we shared with our friends that we […]

Modernized D9P Baby Quilt

Posted in: Us- Sep 03, 2014 1 Comment

After picking up some fun fabric at Wendy’s last fabric garage sale, I decided to use it and take a go at making a Modernized Disappearing 9 Patch, or Modernized D9P, quilt.  I like the way it looks different with all the negative space.  I had it almost completed for quite some time with just the […]

Burke’s First Day of Preschool

Posted in: Us- Sep 02, 2014 7 Comments

Today was Burke’s first day of school.  He started at Providence Preschool with the 3 year old class.  What an exciting and super fun day.  We picked out his clothes last night and had them ready to avoid any battles with getting dressed this morning, but the 7am wakeup call was earlier than he was […]

Dear Burke,

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Dear Burke, You are 3 years and 4 months old today and as I was sitting on the couch next to you, I just started to stare at you.  You’re pretty amazing buddy and Mommy and Daddy love you so very much. These are just because. You made a silly face because you knew I […]