Dear Blake, by Annemarie

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Dear Blake, 

At 15 months, you are so much fun!  We are so happy that you’re our little guy. 

You’ve picked up a few new things in your last month of life.  You’re helpful in little ways…like how you put our your hands to put them through your shirts when getting dressed; when you’re finished sleeping, you spit out your pacifier into your crib so we don’t lose it somewhere in the house; turning on and off your noise machine; and you get a kick out of helping me put things into the dryer from the washing machine.

You’re using sign language more now and you’ve mastered quite a few signs: more, all done, please, thank you, and your favorite, milk.  That one is your favorite and you definitely know when that is what you want, and you let me know!  You’re making a few sounds, but “uh oh” is still the only one that is consistent and we can recognize.

You got a legit big boy haircut this month and you look so much older, but we do prefer the clean cut look for our boys.  You make it look completely adorable.

We’ve started to teach you some of your body parts and you know how to show us nose, ears, mouth, and head.  You get pretty excited when we ask you to show us these….espcially mouth.  You open your mouth so wide so we can tell that you know what you’re talking about.

If you’re left to your own devices in the kitchen, you’re either into every drawer you can open, or you are crawling all over the chairs for the table.  It’s your own personal jungle gym.  You have also figured out how to sit yourself at the chairs for the small table and sometimes you like to enjoy your snack there.

While you get some good giggles in taking a bath, you prefer the shower.  You even don’t mind being in there all by yourself as you’ve been given the squeegee to clean the doors.  You like to sit on the floor in there and play with the water also.  

When you’re eating at the table, and not throwing your food or water bottle, you have started to use the fork as well and get a kick out when you actually stab your food and get it all the way to your mouth on your own.


We learned that you know how to dance, and your favorite song is “Happy” from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack.  You like the clapping part and do it along with the music.

One of my favorite things is that you actually like to hold hands.  If I put out my hand, even when we’re in the house, you grab it and move along with me.  You know how to melt your momma’s heart.  

You really love being outside when you get to play with the baseball bat, but even more so when the golf clubs are at your disposal.  You love to swing and do your best to make contact and get the ball to move.

You keep us on our toes, little man, and are so much fun to watch grow!!

You are loved, Blake, all the time!  I love you!


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  1. Mom Bollman says:

    Oh Blake, Ma just noticed this new letter I hadn’t seen yet. Yes, Mommy loves you and knows all those special and cute things about how you are growing up!! I love that you are so curious. You watch everything carefully trying to see how something is done or what is happening and then try to do the same if you possibly can! You boys are such a joy for Ma and Pa and we get so lonesome to see you and play with you! We love your big boy haircut and your big boy skills. Now we are anxious to see when you will burst forth with your voice and tell us what you are thinking about! YOU ARE SO SPECIAL AND LOVED!