Dear Blake, by Annemarie

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Dear Blake,

Somehow you are now 14 months old, and while I can’t remember a time when you weren’t part of our family, it seems like it was just yesterday that you were born.

You decided it was high time for you to start walking this month, and on March 24th, you took your first unassisted steps across the kitchen.  We’d been trying to tempt you, even Burke got in on the action, opening his arms up wide and saying, “Walk to me, Blakers” and then enveloping you in a huge hug as a reward.  You are doing the zombie walk mostly, with your arms out for balance, but once you started to move on your own, upright, it hit me that I am the Mommy to TWO boys.  You two are going to keep me on my toes, and I’m so happy for it.

You love to be outdoors, and will go up to the window and ask to go outside.  You also try to escape from the front door anytime that it’s open long enough for you to stick a body part out of it.  You go straight to the ball tub and ask for it to be opened.  You take out all the balls and throw them.  It’s so fun to watch you really start to play.

You’ve learned to give kisses, mostly (very) open mouth, upon request, and have also associated “I love you” with blowing kisses.  So cute!!  If we’re on FaceTime with someone and they start to say “bye”, you will try to blow them a kiss.  You’ve also started to wave, and when we take walks around the neighborhood, you’ll wave at anyone who passes by us.  You also have learned how to do (what we call), “noses, noses, noses” and rub noses with us on command.  You are so affectionate and we love it.

You’ve started to sleep a little better, or at least you’ve learned how to put yourself to sleep.  Up until just recently, Mommy or Daddy would rock you off to sleepy town at night, and sometimes that could take up to 45 minutes.  And the zinger was that you wouldn’t be happy unless said rocking was happening standing up.  So, we were all a little happier once you started to figure out how to get yourself to sleep from being laid down sleepy.  You still wake up several times during the night, and while Mommy apologizes for not always being so cheery during these interruptions, I know they won’t last forever.   Right, Blake?  They won’t last forever, right? 🙂

You are, however, an incredible napper.  You take at least a 2 hour snooze every day, and if you’re still sleeping after Burke wakes up from his nap, he likes to go in and get you.  He walks in very slowly and quietly, turns off your noise machine, and then puts one arm/hand into the crib, and gently strokes your head while saying, “Wake up, Blakers”.  It’s enough to make this momma’s heart melt.

In the morning, you are always awake before your brother, and so you get to do the same to him.  When we hear Burke calling to get up, you jump, and after being put on the ground, stumble your way down the hall, arm extended with pointer finger out, to his door, and knock to be let in.  Once inside, you go right up to his crib, stick an arm in, and find him, as he’s normally just whispered, “hide, hide” when we walk in.  You two are just really sweet and I love watching you boys interact more each day.

You continue to prove that your’e the daredevil in the family.  We had you all trained on how to go down the slides “feet first”, but I guess that got a little boring for you, as you now like to throw yourself down them head first, and you’re smiling the entire way.  When Daddy built a fort in the living room one night, you figured out how to scale the structure and get up on the armchair, and wanted so bad to just go right off the side.  No fear, no fear.

You’ve figured out how to open the toilet seat, and try so hard to dip your hands in there and swish them around.  Gross, Blakers.  You also have modeled your brother’s idea of fun, and if you get the opportunity, will roll off all the toilet paper.

We transitioned you to a big boy booster seat at the table, and well, we might have done that a little too early.  I think you do like being closer to the table, and properly dining with all of us with your plate on the table, however, you have figured out how to rock yourself backwards, and so we have to remember to put you on the side that is up against the sideboard buffet, so in the chance you rock too far, that piece will catch your fall.  You like to also stick your feet up on the table too.  While this is quite comical, it’s a behavior we would like to nip in the bud right away.  🙂  With more of your teeth coming in, you’ve become quite the eater, but boy, oh boy, are you messy!!  You also like to throw, or shove, your food when you’re finished.  We’re working on signs for you to let us know what your little brain is saying.

You seem to be a typical younger sibling in that you want to do whatever you see big brother doing.  You play with his toys, you want to read his books, and you want to ride his bike.  You hopped right up on the tricycle like nobody’s business, and once you had that helmet on, wanted to get on brother’s Stider bike too.  Slow down, Blake.  Seriously, you are just 14 months old.  You have all the time in the world to break your arm doing tricks.  I can’t remember if I ever told you that I had a dream while I was pregnant with you, before we knew you were a boy, about a little boy who was riding a BMX type bike at a dirt park.  Well, more and more, everyday, I think that was you little buddy.   You’re already getting me ready for your rough and tumble disposition.

You have a sweet side too, and are already showing that you do like to be a little helper too.  You have figured out where your diapers go and like to put them in the trash.  So helpful. 🙂

You really wish you were a little bit taller so you could make those baskets all by yourself.  You can do it at Rockin’ Kids and the smile you get on your face is priceless.

Oh, Blakers, you amaze us every day, saying “Watch out world, here I come!”.

You are such a light in our family and we all love you so much!!


2 Responses to “Dear Blake,”

  1. Nana says:

    Oh Blake, you are such a sweetheart. Can’t wait to see you in June. Love you so much!!

  2. Grandma Betty says:

    Mommy described you to a tee! You are a go getter, ready to go, go, go. I am so excited that you are walking now. You are such a lover and I personally love those sessions of rocking you to sleep! I LOVE YOU buddy!