Dear Blake, by Annemarie

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Dear Blake,

Well, we made it.  You’re ONE year old today!  I can’t believe that it went by so fast, but also in slow motion.  You’ve been such a JOY to our family of four and this last year with you has been so much fun.

You are so inquisitive, little man.  We should call you Curious Blakers.  You get into everything.  You know how to open the toilet lid and want to swish your hands around in the water.  You love to get into our bathroom and know exactly what is in each of Mommy’s drawers and what you like the best (bottom drawer with all my brushes).  You have your go-to drawers in the kitchen, get up on your tip toes and reach over to get out every single kitchen cooking utensil and put them on the floor.   You like to reach to the highest shelf and pull off the baskets to see what is inside.  You are very interested in the outlets, cables, and anything else that you’re not necessarily supposed to be getting into.  Your little mind is just searching for so many things to explore.

The few things that you can say are “uh”, as in the first syllable of “uh oh!”, mama, dada, and one time we thought we heard you say “bye Pa”.  You are quite verbal in other ways though, and use your little scream of disapproval whenever something isn’t going your way.  Mostly you communicate right now by pointing at something, and saying “hmph”.  It’s really pretty cute, but you know what you want!

You started to wave goodbye and it’s the most darling thing to see.  Your favorite thing though, seems to be that you love to be surprised.  If we hide, and then pop up and say “BOO!”, you get SUCH a kick out of this.  You absolutely giggle so hard and love it.

You’re teething (still) like a little monster and we’ve learned that you like to have your teeth brushed.  We need to get on this on a more regular habit but that toothbrush feels mighty good on your teeth and gums.  You have just the 8 teeth still so far but Dr. Iris confirmed that you’re going to be popping out the rest of them soon….and it’ll all probably happen at once, so we’ll keep doing our best to make that as comfortable as possible for you, little guy.

You’ve fully transitioned to just one nap, and it’s working out pretty well.  There are a few times that you want to fall asleep a little early and are kind of cranky near that time, but then you fall into sleepy land and wake up our happy little dude.  We are still not sure what your preferred nighttime is as it seems to change like the wind, but you are getting better at sleeping over time.

One thing that you’ve definitely taken a much better liking to this month is food.  You are finally getting the hang of chewing and swallowing and you amaze us when you eat.  It’s so fun to watch you pick up the bites.  We’re trying to introduce you to all sorts of new foods.  You seem to be a little more picky than the rest of us, and sometimes you let us know that what you put in, was not pleasant to you, as it comes right back out.  🙂   We are still nursing though too, morning, nap and nighttime…and then when you wake up (1-3 times) at night.  We’ll keep it up as long as it makes you happy, buddy.

You are really starting to play, and have all sorts of ways that you like to do this.  Most days, you wake up before your brother and so you and me get some time to have fun all by ourselves.  You love the balls, to play hide-and-seek, and crawl all over me.  You are a huge fan of the slide at the playground, getting up there all by yourself, turning around to go feet first, and all the way down.  The smile on your face when you reach the bottom says it all…that you’re already thinking about getting back up there to go back down again.

You’ve also mastered the art of putting things “in” and like to do this with balls, or other objects to show off your skills.  You also like to throw, or hand, the balls to us so we can roll them back to you.

Your big brother, Burke, loves you so much.  Sometimes he has a funny way of showing it…..a hug that is a little too hard, a pat that is more of a hit, or an unwelcome wrestle….but he always says “Sorry, Blake”.  I know you two will be the best of friends one day.

You can get pretty much anywhere you want these days with the fastest crawl, and on our feet with the help of furniture.  You stand on your own with the greatest of ease, but haven’t been interested in taking any steps yet.  It’s a strange thing to be thinking about, as I love that you’re still little and my baby, not yet walking, but know that you’ll be doing that too, soon, and I will be so excited for you to take your first steps.  Don’t grow up too fast, Blakers.

At your 1 year appointment, you tipped the scales at 22 pounds and 12 ounces, and measured 30.5 inches.  Your head, my sweet baby boy, is still as large as they come.  🙂

Mommy and Daddy, and your brother,  love you a ridiculous amount.  Happy birthday, Blake!!


2 Responses to “Dear Blake,”

  1. Mom says:

    A boy of many expressions….Love, love, love our little Blake….

  2. Mom Bollman says:

    Blake is so expressive and so funny. He can be so serious yet he makes you just crack up!! I love his different faces and trying to put meaning into those looks. It is like writing captions for one of those baby picture calendars or magazines. I could just squeeze him to pieces!!